Just wondering if sex causes anyone a lot of pain...........

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tobyj, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. tobyj

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    After sex the next day and many to follow I feel like I got hit by a car or beaten with a baseball bat. Should I just give it up???????????????? I am fifty and still have a strong urge for it but not if this pain continues each time.
    Hugs, to all,
  2. cat18882653733

    cat18882653733 New Member

    I have dealt with that all my life. I have always had pain and cramping afterwards. It gets to a point where it just isn't worth it.
  3. jadibeler

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    I always felt like I'd been hit by a truck, so I never connected that pain with sex - the pain for me was the sex itself! It just killed whatever part of my body which was involved. Pretty hard to find pleasure in that! I never said anything about it, though. I loved all my husbands (until they started becoming abusive)and didn't want them feeling that they shouldn't. I just let them think that my moaning and crying out was what they assumed it to be! Now I'm just glad that my present husband seems to have lost his inclinations.

  4. tlc8858

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    Yes, same here. I had endometriosis and sex caused me a severe amount of pain. After I had my hysterectomy, things were better for awhile, and then bam it came back again. After several office visits and a few very uncomfortable tests, it was determined that I now have scar tissue from the surgery. Great. Now I am right back where I started and it only cost me $10,000.00. I know when I have intercouse that I am going to be in pain for the next few days, so I make sure and take my pain meds ahead of time. The worst part is, that I would be glad to suffer through the pain, if I could just get my libido back. I don't know if its the meds or what, but I sure wish I could find it again.
  5. reva727

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    Any pain I have the morning after is mostly hip pain. It puts a lot of strain on your hip joints.