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    I was just wondering if anybody takes 2 antidepressants at the same time, meaning two of a diffrent kind like amitriptyline and cymbalta ? Im in the middle of switching back to cymbalta from amitriptyline, it did nothing for my pain and made me a rollercoaster emotionally, and I take one amitriptyline, and one cymbalta, and it seems like when I'm in the middle of switching and on both it seems like I feel better.
    just wanted to know I anybody does both, and if so does it work for you ?
  2. pattyholland

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    Hi, I take zoloft in the am and amitriptyline right before I go to sleep.

    I guess it has helped me some, ofcorse not pain free and still cant sleep threw the night.
    but much better than I was.

  3. Tammy H

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    I take 300mg of Welbutrin sr, Trazadone at night to sleep and Sam-e -natural mood enhancer and helps with arthritis.

    Also taking Gabapentin 600mg 4x daily and occasionaly muscle relaxers.
    Took a long time to find this combination and is helping for now. (winter is coming!)
  4. landra

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    I use Cymbalta and Wellbutrin. They work differently - and I think the Wellbutrin is like the amitriptyline. I need both. Cymbalta helps with the pain and depression; Wellbutrin with anxiety.

    My health crashed Sept. 07; I've applied for SSDI and all that stuff. I am hoping by spring to have the SSDI and have my health somewhat stabalized and be able to cut back.