Justifying our Disease

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    Hi everyone - I read all of the posts on this subject and wow can I relate. Nobody understands this invisible disease, most of all, doctors. People do not understand the complexities - we look fine - maybe tired - walk a little funny - I slur when I get tired because I have rt side facial paralysis, (result of non restorative Bells Palsy) can't sleep and can't go without it, have various other maladies that may or may not have contributed, thyroid, migraines, etc. try to doctor ourselves (wow if it wasn't for this website) will do almost anything, eat anything, if they tell us to exercise and we were able to do it we would certainly fall into the category of "oh boy, maybe if I do 10 instead of 5 I can feel better, and then we deal with "are you sick again"? All we are trying to do is help each other help ourselves. For all we are and all we do - BE DAMNED IF WE NEED TO APOLOGZIZE for anything. Love is never having to say your sorry!!
    Love you all............Member Pat
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    I guess the only thing I can say is, "You are so right", but you know? Some how I still always feel guilty for not feeling like doing the things that "everyone else" seems to feel like doing. And I can't even give a decent name to what ails me. "chronic Poope, and I'll catch any old bug going around" isn't much of an answer, is it?


    and God Bless!

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    You are so right, yet we seem to keep feeling guilty when we can not do something or have to say no to someone, because we can not commit, knowing that we might have a bad day. I wish everyone that snubs their nose at people with any kind of medical problems, would have that particular problem for just one day. Maybe people would not be so judgemental after that.