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    Well i had no idea putting 70 almost brand new fiction books on there i have not sold any yet. i do want to increase my inventory and trying to figure out how? as you said know one is going to give away their suppliers. I did put two fiction books on there that were pretty pricey one of them there is mine and one other. Not that they will sell? Please go over these points with me i am trying to rack my brain to figure out how to get more books?
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    The original poster about listing books on Amazon was PVLady, and she was the one who also put up the helpful information on some of the places to find books to list.

    My first plan is to list the books we already have around the house that we're done with and would probably otherwise donate somewhere. I've probably got 100 of those. And I'm sure we have CDs and DVDs as well.

    After that, like you, I'll have to figure out what sells and where to find more to list.

    I don't have the energy to get out to a lot of garage sales even if garage sale season wasn't about over this year, and the thrift/charity shops around here usually price a used paperback in the $2 to $2.50 range. I don't think there'd be much profit left after buying at that price and then paying Amazon fees and shipping too!

    So, like you, I'll have to figure out something else. I don't have any ideas about that at this point though. Maybe we can brainstorm on it together?

    I did follow PVLady's suggestion of going to the Amazon new seller discussion board to read some posts -- but wow! they seem to be a mean bunch over there! Makes me feel like I don't want to ask them any questions. I'll just read a bit for a couple of days until I feel comfortable to start listing some things.

    I'm sorry to hear you haven't sold any of your listings yet. That's got to be disappointing after going to all the work to list 70 books. Maybe it will just take a little longer.

    Best wishes,