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    I haven't checked the boards in a few days - sorry!! JL, hope you are feeling better today!! I also have anxiety/panic disorder - I know what you are going through and what a rough day you must of had. Are you taking anything prophylactically for them? I take Doxepin (anti-depressant and panic blocker). I also have my Klonopin (I take about 1.5 mg/day) and Xanax when needed.

    Dafoean - Hello, there! I hope you are having a good day today as welll!! My mom worked at Hughes Aircraft in the Valley for many, many years until she went out on disability for rheumatoid.

    I did go on the chat site last week, JL, and it's real easy. It would be fun for all three of us to chit chat.

    Let's try to work something out for next week! Is there anyway to find out if we can swap email addresses on the chat site??

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    Hi Jennifer, I also went and looked at the chat room this weekend and it looks easy.

    Today I went to a rheumy. Appointment-was at 10:30, I saw the dr. at noon. My husband came along so he could tell him how he viewed my illness the last couple months (crappy!). Anyway, I got meds, he's not bad about that. However, he is trying to suggest I have become like (his example) Brian Wilson "In my Room". E gads that was annoying. I do agree I stay in bed alot, but it is the most comfortable spot in the house.

    I have to process everything he said. After waiting almost 2 hrs in the lobby listening to a very loud, overbearing and rude woman almost the whole time, I could of used a klonopin, and should have reached in my purse and chewed one up! What a long day!

    Hopefully we could find a time to get together. For the most part, I am home daily and awake by 10 am. Let's see when we all can meet up. What time is good for you? Hopefully JustLooking will chime in soon.

    Thanks, take care! Lisa
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    I just saw this right now. I'm here all this week, no plans... THANK GOD!!! It's so nice to not be stressed about having to do something, even Drs appts get to be too much sometimes. Dafoefan sounds like you had one of those appts, bless your heart for not killing the obnoxious woman. Maybe you should have slipped HER the Klonopin (snicking out loud)!

    BusyBusy Mom, Yes I have had a full month and the stress has been overwhelming at times, but I see the light now that I have at least 1 week of unscheduled days. I rarely leave my house but it seems I have had every problem possible that required an out of house excursion the past few weeks and I was just at my wits end the other day. So thank you for being so understanding. I do take Xanex nightly for sleep and anxiety but I never take it during the day. I'm afraid if I take it during the day and have to push through the sleepiness of it, it will wear out its effects to make me sleep at night (does that make sense?). So if I freak out during the day I just have to roll with it LOL...

    Thank you for asking about how I was feeling that was very kind and thoughtful :)

    How are you feeling now, any better than earlier this week? I think the rain did a number on our bodies and with the moist, cold weather its hard to adjust right now. I swear the people in other parts of the country must think Californians are such wimps.

    Alright ladies lets find a time when we can get together on chat then and you guys can be my teachers since you are experts now :)
    I'm available every day from about 9am until 2pm (except Tues until 1pm, and weekends not at all). So as long as there are no emergencies here I won't flake on you on this time!
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