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    I have fibro and systemic candida overgrowth and am wondering if my 11 year old daughter also has FMS and/or yeast problems. Anyone else with children affected out there? I did have our family doctor check her tender spots and she had 6 out of 18 respond positive to pain. I read elsewhere that 5 out of 18 is usually an indicator for children....but there is so little info out there on juvenile FMS. There are very few drugs that I would be comfortable using on her, so I'm curious about alternative treatment options.
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    In addition you might search my username for posts. I have a 13 year old daughter with FM/CFS. We do a mix of things, but she has been on a lot of Rx drugs. Also look at Pediatric Network for info. We do massage, chiro, Graston, acupuncture, PT for pain and strengthening. Drugs for sleep, infections, depression, pain when needed, etc.

    I also have lots of posts reagrding education things as we did an IEP last May, and switched to Homebound about 3 weeks ago after a huge relapse.

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    I had my first bout aged 8. I remember being in lots of pain for several months. luckily it gradually faded away and i only had short bouts of it through my teens - which at the time i didn't know about fm and just had a bad neck, then a bad back etc etc.

    It hit me hard at 17 then that was it from then on. I was a very active kid and I think this helped me to be generally stronger until it finally got me properly. I still try to be as active as possible now as I think it helps.

    best of luck to you and your daughter

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    Connieaag, I did look at your bio ~ what drugs does your daughter take? Our family doctor has been receptive to getting her some physical therapy. I'm also going to take her to a natural doctor for homeopathics.

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    But my heart sure goes out to someone as young with this disease.
    I have suspected something going on with my child too.
    He is 10 and I get way too many aches and pains complaints from him. His legs,..his back,headaches,
    gut troubles.
    I thought of 'whats the possiblity of him having FM?" but I thought he was probably too young and that I was just being a hypochondriac.
    I don't blame you for not wanting to pump her up with drugs!! most of the drugs given to me have really never helped.
    I hope you find some answers.
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    Other than my bio, go to 'search' at the top of the message board and type in connieaag. Then pull down the username tab and it will search for my posts.

    Kathryn was dx when she was almost 12. She started PT, massages (as she could tolerate), and Flexeril. She tried all of the OTC pain meds, but nothing helped.

    As time (and doctors) moved on, we saw her becoming depressed. She initially started on a small dose of Doxypin to help with sleep. It worked for a little bit, but we had to keep increasing the dose.

    Then we moved on to Paxil, then Zoloft, the Cymbalta (BAD CHOICE) and currently she is on Prozac and has been for the longest of an AD. So I would say that was a good choice for a child.

    She had a sleep study done, and she is borderline Narcoleptic. Stared her on Provgil then switched to Concerta, then back to Provigil. She only takes it during the school year and when she has a long day in the summer that she needs to be alert. I feel it does a great job keeping her going, but her body needs rest, so it's a double-edged sword. She also takes Trazodone at night for sleep.

    I think it;s best to deal with a psychiatrist if you do AD's rather than have your doctor play with them. We started seeing on in May 2006, and she got the right combo rather than so much trial and error that we went through.

    She also sees a psychologist that deals with kids with chronic illnesses and has given her a lot of coping tools.

    She went on the ABx protocol thru 'roadback.org'. You can look them up. She is still on Minocin. Started in May 2005. She takes Bactrim and Respaire for chronic sinusitis. Just finished the AV treatments with Valtrex and Acyclovir and will start TF next week.

    She takes Milk Thistle to clease her liver, resversatrol for antioxident, liquid multi vitamin called Complete, a probiotic and I think that's it!

    PT, acupuncture, massage, chiro and Graston technique for pain relief. Vicodin when things are really bad.

    Pleasse lookat some of my other posts, as they might help too.


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