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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mbofov, Oct 20, 2009.

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    My new doctor has started me on a formula called K-Pax Fuel of Life. It is a pharmaceutical grade formula. THe original K-Pax supplements were developed for AIDS patients with their seriously compromised immune systems. Here's a link to their site: http://www.kpaxpharm.com/ It is pricey, but if it works will be worth it and hopefully will end up replacing several of my other supplements. If you read the list of ingredients, you'll see that a dose is listed as 8 capsules(!), so be aware of that when figuring out the cost.

    I called the K-Pax company because I was confused about the K-pax Fuel of Life product my doctor sent me, as it is not mentioned on their website listed above. They told me that another company partnered with K-Pax to produce the K-Pax Fuel of Life. THe formulas are nearly identical, but hte original K-Pax Immune Support has a little higher doses of some of its ingredients. Here's a link to the producer of the Fuel of Life product:

    Anyways, it's too soon to tell if this will help my immune system (I still get sick way too much even with taking a thymus gland supplement), but will post if it does end up helping.

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    I don't think I've tried pycnogenol. I am taking grapeseed extract though. But I've used olive leaf extract, astralagus, I don't know what all - elderberry, so much over the years.

    Like you, I'm already taking almost everything in the K-Pax supplement separately (and have been for quite awhile), but my doctor said that the fact that it's pharmaceutical grade makes a big difference. At first I didn't want to buy it - more money!! - and then thought, what if, just what if it can help. And the fact that some AIDS patients are getting noticeable results with it is impressive.

    Well, I would hope to see some improvement within a month. Your 3-month rule might be a better gauge. Will have to wait and see -


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