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    Well, the pain specialist is taking me off Oxycotin and replacing it with Kadian, a morphine preparation.
    I've had morphine in the past and it does help the pain.

    Kadian is a time released capsule that I would take once daily. It is for moderate to severe pain.

    The worst of my daily pain is from facet back pain. I honestly thought the oxycotin was helping with the FM pain, till I had a major flare with a cold front that blew through the state. OH, I have not hurt like that in a long time.
    The barometric pressure was tolerable, I guess it was the cold air that caused it.

    Anyway, I was curious if anyone has taken this new drug, Kadian and had success with it. I am aware that morphine can be addictive. I have researched it on the web and it sounds promising, but of course I don't know how I will respond till next week when I pick up the script at the doctor's office. I'll post later to the results.

    Thanks ahead for any input,