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  1. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    Hi again
    just looked up all the info I could find on Kadian.
    I would love to know more about it and others who have taken it
    thank yu
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    As you know by now, Kadian is a time release form of Morphine. My pain doc gave me 20 mgs. but it knocked me out for about 30 hrs. I switched to the fast acting MSIR 15 mgs. and it worked well for me. I know the docs prefer the time released form and it can be more convenient and deliver a more steady stream of the med, but for me, the fast acting was better and I didn't use as much taking it that way.

    Morphine is one of our oldest and most trusted opiods. Sometimes, we have to do a little trial and error to find which pain meds work well for us. I also tolerate Vicodin very well and use it on the rare occasion I now need that level of pain control.

    Love, Mikie
  3. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    I have been on Kadian for two and half years. It has really helped the sharp, shooting pains, but not the dull, achy ones. But I am thankful for any relief. I take a low dose-30 mg. twice a day.

    There are a couple of side effects that I've had trouble with, though. One is constipation so I have to make sure I have a lot of fiber every day. I have always been good about eating fruits and vegetables. I also drink a glass of prune juice every morning and take fiber tablets. And I have upped my water intake.

    Another side effect is nausea. Most of the time I don't have to make a mad dash to the bathroom; my stomach just feels kind of queasy. I now take ginger a couple of times a day to help counteract this. It has helped. But with the ginger you have to drink a full glass of water when you take it and you can take it with a meal. I have had a strange burning in my esophagus when I take it with a full glass of water, although it doesn't last long. Life can be complicated, can't it? My doctor said he can put me on an anti-nausea medication, if necessary.

    As bad as all this sounds, it's not bad enough for me to want to go off the Kadian. I may have to switch to another narcotic pain med in time as increasing the Kadian will increase the problems with side effects.

    I know you hear a lot about addiction problems with narcotics, but I have never had a problem. I think that maybe if someone had a tendency towards addiction (like being an alcoholic) perhaps they would have more problems.

    I would recommend giving it a try. After years of not sleeping well because of pain, it has definitely helped me.

  4. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    I'm on 20 mg every 24 hours and it does not help at all, i'm very upset.
  5. rockymtnmom

    rockymtnmom New Member

    I have been using Avinza for over a year. It is also a time release form of morphine.

    I found I had to go higher than the original dose my Dr. put me on to get relief - would your Dr. consider upping your dose?

    I have had success with Avinza, you might try it. I do still have to take meds for breakthrough pain.


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