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    I don't know if any of you are contemplating back surgery, but I just felt like I had to say this, just in case you are. I've had 2 back surgeries, and while they "solved" the immediate problem, the recovery period is most important and certainly does not rid you of all the pain. Both my surgeries were for ruptured lumbar disks, and I had free floating pieces of disk, so it was pretty much a necessary thing to prevent nerve damage. I ended up with some permanent nerve damage anyway from the first time, in my right leg and foot. However, I thought recovery would be a breeze, and it wasn't. And, this was before (at least the first time was before) I had all the symptoms of FMS, so I'm sure that would compound it. And I still get that burning pain down my butt, thigh, leg, on either side, from time to time, and my back does hurt at least a little almost all of the time. Maybe I'm out of line here, just wanted to give you my two cents.

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    You are quite welcome. Good luck next week with your MRI. If you want to discuss anything about the back surgery further, I don't mind. I could be mistaken, but I "think" there has been some positive progress made in the last couple of years for disk surgery.
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    Just wanted to add some more~ I've had a couple herniated disks in my low back,Dx yrs ago!!Well when they were first DX by an MRI,my Dr said that surgery would help me great deal.Well being the scaredy cat that I am,I said no,and just went for intensive long term PT. About 5 weeks into my PT,I met a man there going for his low back too.Well we got to talking and he had the surgery twice,to repair disks.And both times he said he was relieved of pain only temporary.(5 months or so)Then the same pain came back!!! He was in traction....as I was.He strongly recommended PT over the operation.(his words..."It does'nt work")So I won't go thru that!!If theres a guarantee...Ok, maybe~but there is'nt. Just be sure to really think about your options first.
    Take care buttheads!lol Don't fret on me...I'm a fellow butthead too~
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    I saw the neurologist today and he looked at the MRI firms I'd had down in November. He did an EMG/nerve conduction study and said that there was no permanent nerve damage yet, at least, but that he would not recommend surgery for me because of the ???success rate and my chronic pain and fatigue. Instead, he has ordered Neurontin in addition to ALL my other meds and physical therapy. I am going to the PT dept Monday to schedule an evaluation and treatment plan. I started the Neurontin tonight. He is gonna work with his friend, my Rheumatologist on my pain management and he did mention a pain clinic and possible Epidural injections in the future if needed. He knew that I am outta work on STD and he didn't mention my going back anytime soon. He's gonna see me again in 4 weeks. I wrote my Director of Nurses an e-mail and explained the visit since she needs to know of my intentions to return to work. This is why I saw this doctor. My pain is being managed fairly well with ALL these meds I'm on and I was comfortable today until I came home after those uncomfortable tests. (I'd withheld my pain meds this a.m. in case they'd interfere with the results) I looked up on my favorite Webdoctor site and saw that skin swelling and muscle relaxants can interfere with EMG/nerve conduction results.....I am covered with giant, itchy, swollen hives and am taking a lot of Soma everyday. I HOPE this didn't mask anything, but he had a list of my meds and he saw my hives....talk about embarrassing.....
    I feel good about the fact that he didn't take me off the pain meds today~~I kinda thought he would. I just wonder if I'll know whether the Neurontin and PT are doing any good as long as I'm taking these strong pain pills and muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories.....
    He asked me why I waited a couple of months after starting my LOA to come to him and I told him that I wanted to get my pain under control first and foremost and he seemed OK with that. I'm glad I didn't rush into anything and I am glad I saw a neurologist instead of a neurosurgeon because I still think the neurosurgeon would've suggested surgery. I did not ever want that. Believe me, I have MAJOR flares after surgery.
    I was embarrassed to tell hime that my butt pain was bad after driving, after riding in the car, after standing and sitting and even at night in bed! I guess he wondered what DIDN'T trigger the pain! It is true, though, and I just have to be able to move and change positions often. The people who'll do my PT are my co-workers~~~that'll be weird! I kinda dread that 'cause they're well-known to push people to the limit and I hate to whine and complain to them. I'm probably making something outta nothing as usual! God has taken good care of me and supplied my needs as He promised to do, so I shouldn't lose faith now~~~
    Karen, thank you for the advice~~it isn't out of line!! That's what we're here for and I appreciate everything I learn here! As it turns out, I agree with you completely!
    Love to all!
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    Thanks a million for the info-thats why I love coming on this board!!I have no intention of having surgery-anyway the Dr.'s said it is not necessary at this time.My pain managment Dr. can handle this just fine for me-so I hurt a little-what else is new??
    Thanks again for your input-very interesting.
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    You're welcome....and as for surgery, after having been through 2 of them, I would try any and every other alternative before I'd have another. I did have the free floating pieces of disk however, and my doc showed me on the MRI, just where they were and pointed out the danger of leaving them where they were putting constant pressure on the nerve. That's why I had the surgeries. That being said though, if I presented with another herniated/ruptured disk, I would seek out another option UNLESS there were free floating pieces. I've also read recently about alternatives to the traditional disk surgery. For me, the recovery was very painful, I was extremely weak, my muscles took forever to regain strength, and to be honest, as bad as I felt, I was wondering exactly why I had put myself through it in the first place.
    I don't have a lot of faith in most docs, and IMO, surgeons just like to cut, period. I have a bunion on one foot and carpal tunnel in both hands, and I have no plans to have surgery for either at this point, UNLESS it gets to the point where I cannot walk, or use my hands at all. I've been cut on more than enough in the past 10 years.