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  1. amymb74

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    Just read your response under diet post. I am on the somers diet & can't find anything in her books about why you pee so much on her diet. Do you know the reason? Its been driving me nuts - waking me up at night which never happens. I knew it must have been the diet but why? Thanks for any info. Amy
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    It HAS to be the protein, cause it started when I was on the Atkins Diet and I REALLY ate a lot of protein. I was told by the doctor r/t Lupus that increased proteins can often "overwork" a person's kidneys and this wan't good if you had Lupus or any other disease that can affect your kidneys. My flank area hurts from all this peeing and it is so bothersome. I dehydrated quickly and I really had thought I was consuming enough liquids, but I had to drink even more which made me pee even more!!!! Whew!
  3. amymb74

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    but wasn't sure - I was hoping that I was peeing out the weight - not so I've been following this diet for just over 4 weeks - no cheating - and so far, nothing! I'm so disappointed. I never thought about over working my kidneys - that can't be good. I have enough problems. Thanks for the response. Amy