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    Hi, Kalaya. I will be moving to Pacifica in late June, 2006, after the school year ends. My darling spouse has been working in Brisbane since May, and will move to an apartment in Pacifica on Oct. 30. I need to finish out my contract year before I move north.

    We decided we liked Pacifica, a sweet little town, near the ocean and near the City and other amenities. We will rent for a year or two before we decide where to settle.

    What is Pacifica like to live there? We will be in the Avalon Pacifica apartments, in the 'sunnier' end of Pacifica, or so we've been told. I'm excited to think about living near the ocean, as that's something I've dreamed about for many years, especially the 20 years we've lived in the desert.

    Maybe we can meet sometime when I get up north. I'll be up during the winter holidays for about a week, I think, to visit.

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    Welcome to northern California or atleast welcome in about 8 months or so.I was born and raised in Pacifica,am now 44 years old and like you trying to fight my way back to wholeness.If you like to surf then you came to the right place and if not then no one will hold it against you.If my geography is correct Avalon is on the Manor side of town which if correct would make your sunnier side of town statement quite incorrect.
    The Linda Mar side of town is the side that gets the most sun,this is the side farthest south.The closer one gets to Daly City the closer you get to perpetual fog,and the Manor side of town is the side closest to Daly City.
    I am very very active due to the medications I take[modafinil,adderall]lots and lots of cycling,also go to one of the two local gyms for stairmaster and light weight lifting.I was always very athletic and inspite of the illness have forged through the fatigue so as not to lose my physical abilities although sometimes my will cannot win out over the illness.
    One place you and your hubby may want to have a look at for a place to settle is Half Moon bay which is about 10 miles south of Pacifica.It's a little slower paced than Pacifica,but beautiful and a city that is growing and gaining popularity.
    Don't let the name Kalaya fool you,this is the name of our dog whom I named after this woman I knew from Bali.I am male,which may have saved me from fibro seeing as how the great majority of fibro sufferers are female.Thankfully I have only been afflicted with cfids which is more than enough to battle for one life time,I can't imagine the extra handicap of tacking on horrible joint and muscle pain to this already debilitating illness.
    Don't know how long you have been afflicted but I have been battling it now for about 8 years and like most all of us have peaks and valleys in the battle but continue to exhaust every avenue to get back to me.One thing about Pacifica is that it never gets to hot or cold here,no real extremes.The summer rarely goes past 80 degrees on virtualy all days and may not go past 60 most of the time.So if your preferance is cool weather then congratulations you've come to the proper place.Half Moonbay would be basicaly the same.Feeling depleted now so I need to lie down,we can chat more in the near future.
    I wish you health in mind,body and spirit.God bless.

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    Hi, Kenny, you have affirmed for me that Pacifica is a great place to live. I don't surf, but I love the ocean. Used to scuba dive, way back when. My dogs have never seen the ocean, so that will be interesting. Actually, the older dog may not move with us, as his health is not great these days. We'll see...

    I thought HalfMoon Bay is fogged in most of the time? We've lived in the High Desert in Southern CA for the past 20 years, so we are accustomed to sunshine most of the time. (I'm a native southern Californian.) However, I am looking forward to a summer of cooler temps. The summers here can be brutal, 100+ degree days for days on end. I am sure I can adapt!

    I am a UCSC grad, in fact my sweetie and I met there in 1976. I have family in San Mateo, Santa Cruz, and Corta Madera, so I have had ties to the Bay area all my life. Our younger son is already moved and living in Ben Lomond.

    I am so ready to say so long to southern CA.

    Anyway, it's a small world, isn't it?

    What kind of dog is Kalaya? And is there much of a flea problem in Pacifica? It's too dry here for fleas, so my dogs have never dealt with them.

    Peace and light,

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