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    Thanks for responding to my post on Moderator's and ProHealth Admin. roles on the board. It was an interesting point of view and I appreciate the time it took for you to write.

    Semi-finals of National Tennis Championship is very impressive ..... And might require some temporary mourning for it's CFS induced absence.

    I say temporary because no one really knows what causes it and what the future may bring in regards to CFS.

    When looking back over the last few years I can see a pattern of beginning to struggle, then knowing I was struggling but pushing on no matter what ... to finally saying I can't ....BUT, only it's only temporary.

    I think I had to get all the way wiped out before I said enough, I've got to get to the bottom of this, so I can come back strong again. That was two years ago.

    I have been very busy treating and "fixing" what I can and learning to live with the rest. I really believe I'll be back in the ring ( not full strength at first ) some next year.

    I understand what you mean about the mind/body relation while competing ... I think that was the first symptom to really register with me. How did I loose the ability to focus and master the subtle mind to hand movements? I started making mistakes that I hadn't done since I was a beginner.

    I think one with CFS/FM gets worse before they start improving. With me, I finally pushed myself so far that I didn't really have a choice. Something had to give ... I had to get some answers.

    Treat for viruses, fix the sleep disorder, balance the hormones and supplement the nutrients commonly missing in CFS/FM patients. I'm almost there.

    I work away from horses too. A very physical, up beat, nonstop environment. Today was a 12 hour day and then I met my husband for a "fake" beer before coming home. Couldn't do that 8 months ago.

    I think you and I may have pushed way beyond what we should have, but as atheletes, we're taught to keep going. Any sports person will tell you about pain, sorness that doesn't go away.

    I truly thought my fibro pain was related to my age and how long I had been riding ... catching up with me. Wrong!

    I thank you for this interesting thought. I handn't really considered the ramifications that deeply. All I thought about was getting better.

    Interestingly, I don't want back "what I had". Don't get me wrong, I still want to win ... I would still like to qualify for certain shows .. 4 of which only accept top rankings points wise in their respective divisions.

    But ... I don't want to compete in those shows anymore. They can be a pain preparing for and showing in ... I just do have the burning desire for those shows any more.

    Gotta have the bragging rights of qualifying ... but let someone else deal with the actually showing there.

    I have been very fotunate to have qualified and competed in these shows in the past .... CFS/FM, or not ... I don't want to put the effort out for them now. Must be an age thing!!

    I hope you are doing well. I started this post early this morning, but just wasn't able to finish it before work. Kinda weird to have a 14 hour post writing time attributed to this. LOL

    Take care,


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