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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elsa, Dec 28, 2005.

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    Sorry for the delay in GH reply. I have some very definate proof of it's effects on my CFS/FMS.

    A long story that I'll skip my GH treatment was interupted for 5 days .... Every pain I forgot I had came back as if I never started treatment. MY sleep worsened as well. There are a few studies showing strong improvements in symptoms and an increase of symptoms after stopping treatment.

    I guess that would be me. There is that world famous FMS saying "a certain subset ... " I am a card carrying GH subset member! Makes me think I might be on this treatment for a while.

    The ancillary benefits are nothing to sneeze at! Christmas eve dinner a lady I've known pretty much all my life complained over my lack of wrinkles ... (I'm definately over 21!) My mother jumped in and said it's genetic! Which it is to an extent ... My husband backed up later that I didn't have a ton of wrinkles to begin with .... But I can see the difference in texture and tone. Works for me!

    Telling you are getting to the end of a pen is tough! Did you mean to say you are finally at .15 (instead of 1.5)? Kind of a difference there .... .15 should last you roughly 28 days with a 5mg/1.5ml pen. Still, just a guess on my part though.

    I hope you are doing well .... There is a hugh light at the end of the tunnel that's getting closer and closer to me ... !! Yeah!! Not there yet, but better and better ...

    Take care,

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    Bump ..... Thank You ....

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Isn't it great people are telling you how young you look!
    My mom always looked young for her age and I guess I do too. Everyone thinks I'm around 40ish when actually I'm 53 - yikes!

    I am using 1.5 now and just started on a new pen. It is hard to tell when you're at the end and I sure don't want to waste a drop of that expensive stuff.

    I haven't noticed any benefits yet but its probably too early. Plus I started so low. My nurse said she read if we went up too fast it could cause swelling but I haven't noticed any of that.

    I am taking it at night like you are. I think my nurse is still taking it in the morning.

    Thanks for your information --- I'll let you know when I see some differences.


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