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    Karen Carpenter was a singer and drummer with the group "The Carpenters" and she died in February 1983.

    It had been stated on TV back then that she was anorexic and vomiting so that it impacted her heart and her heart gave out and that was the cause.

    Today I researched her to see if there was anything new after her death all those years ago.

    I was SHOCKED to learn she was not only anorexic and using laxatives, but she had also been using thyroid replacement meds to try to help her lose weight and that's an improper use of the meds. I NEVER knew she was using thyroid meds improperly and I know it can speed up your metabulism, cause your heart to go faster too and this is bad. Wow, I had no idea she was doing this. How sad.

    My endo doc had told me many years ago that some people try to get the meds for weight loss and it was no good. That's why he would be very careful with the dosage when it put me on it and we would do carefully repeat blood testing and reviewing the thyroid med regularly until we got the dosage right, then do blood work, physical, and review it all every year thereafter.

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    She was trying to get well and had put on a few pounds. They now know that it's dangerous for annorexics to put the weight back on and they have to go slowly and be monitored. Starving oneself and then trying to get back to normal can destroy the heart. Of course, misusing thyroid meds is a horrible thing to do.

    After my peptide injections healed my hypothyroidism, I started to get tachycardia and stopped my Synthroid immediately. Doc had told me that the shots would heal the thyroid but I never expected the small dose of Synthroid to have such a scary side effect once I didn't need it any longer.

    My daughter suffered from annorexia in her early teens. She was 5'6" and got down to 76 lbs. We thought we would lose her. Her cousin, the same age, was exactly the same. That's the side of our family which has all these illnesses. Evidently, annorexia can run in families with CFIDS/ME and FSM.
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    Karen Carpenter's death was a shock to many. At the time, not much info came out, but now it sees so much is available on her.

    I didn't realize YOU went into tachycardia when the peptide injections helped so much. You must have been so frightened.

    And your daughter with annorexia and nearly losing her must have pushed you beyond belief.

    I had no idea that annorexia can run in families with CFIDS/ME and FSM. Wow.

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    At the time, we didn't connect the dots but I have read that eating disorders run in families with our illnesses. My daughter was so worried when she started to heal that her heart might have been damaged. Thank God that she recovered without serious damage.

    My doc told me when I started the peptide injections that they would heal my thyroid because being hypothyroid is an autoimmune condition. So, I had some idea that at some point, I would likely be able to stop the Synthroid. What I didn't expect was the tachycardia. I actually stopped taking the Synthroid on my own. I also stopped the hormones for a month because they work with the thyroid and I wasn't sure just stopping the Synthroid would stop the tachycardia. It was scary. He tested my thyroid panel and everything is normal now without Synthroid. I'm back on the hormones and doing well on them.

    There are peptide injections which allow one to stop taking the hormones but I can't do another $3,000 (it usually only takes 10 injections). Wish I could do it because he said the women who have done it have had a lot of unexpected benefits from it. Oh well, c'mon LOTTO :)

    Love, Mikie
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    such a tragic death for someone with a voice like an angel.