Karen, you are not alone.....

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    Dear Karen,
    First I want to remind you of a parable in the bible. It is what I go to when my hope faulters. It is the one where the shepard leaves his 99 sheep to go out and look for the one lost. I collect figurines of sheep and keep them in sight so that I will always be reminded that God will not leave my son lost. He WILL find him and bring him home Halleluja !!!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. We seem to be battling against the same demons in our childrens lives. I know exactly how you feel. I sometimes feel numb to all of the pain and it is hard to express what I feel on paper. The most heart-wrenching experience is to watch your child, (as you put it) slowly commit suicide. I have felt as if I am watching him with some horrible disease that he never dies from. There have even been times in my dispair that I have hoped that God would just take him out of his misery. Isn't that a terrlbe thing for a mother to think about ? But I just don't want him to suffer anymore. But I know that is a sefish way to think, because I want out of the suffering too.

    I know that this messege may sound very depressing to you and I am very sorry.I do not intend for it to be. I just want you to know that there is someone out here on this planet who feels the same pain that you do. But I do know and believe that our GOD is an awsome God, who also knows our inner most feelings of pain and suffering. He will deliver us from this in his perfect timing. I will never cease hoping and praying for our sons. " Ask anything and it shall be given unto you " Amen and Amen !!!

    Please e-mail me anytime you like. My e-mail address is skayemiles@webtv.net
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    Bump for Karen
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    I understand what you mean about the numbness. Sometimes I feel like that and think that it is a survival mode, because it just hurts too much to feel. I am sorry that you and your son have this sorrow in your lives also.

    I pray God will help you to deal with this heartache and deliver your son also. I keep thinking, with God all things are possible, and God is in control, no matter what.

    I love the idea of collecting the sheep to be reminded of our Lord's compassion. My grandmother use to have a picture on her wall of the Good Shepard with the one lamb, I use to wonder as a child what it meant and why she had that picture. Now I understand.

    Thank you for your kind words, God bless you, give you strength, comfort you .....and deliver your son also, in Jesus' Name. Hugs, Karen
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    When I seen your post, I almost cried, I missed you!, I even posted looking for you on the lupus board a few weeks ago....I think about you often and wonder how you are....I'm sorry you are having trouble with your son, I have a 17 year old and he seems to be the rebellious one, I just got him back home about one month ago, but its still hard, I'm realizing that alot of his rebelliousness is because i'm so sick, even though he denys it so much, he won't get counseling, but God is granting me more patience (I didn't ask for patience!LOL)with my son and that helps alot...well my friend I don't want to babble,

    In Christ
    **Good idea about the sheep! I was thinking of starting a collection, just didn't know what and collecting sheep sounds wonderful.[This Message was Edited on 08/29/2003]
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    how beautiful the Christ brought the two of you together. i am so sorry for the both of you to be going throught his pain right now. I am a mother of four. I can't imagine a child going through this. Although i did with with alchol and some drugs when i was in my younger years so my parents went through it. Thank the Lord my life turned around. I was in the pits of hell for awhile - believe me i knew every moment i was there, it took hitting rock bottom and admitting i was causing this not GOD and taking a BIG look at myself and what i really wanted out of life for things to change. I also think (i know) my grandmother and grandfathers prayers were a huge part of that - i was saved by the grace of God. There is hope - continue in your prayers they will be answered in time. I will continue to pray for both of your sons and the both of you, love, mama

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