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    I have been reading some of your posts, great information!!!!
    Thanks again for your info, I have gotten off the wheat, and milk products, and have gotten the Q10, calcium and magnesium,
    green tea extract, multivitamin, plus vitamin b12 and Bcomplex
    these have helped sooo much!!!!!
    I am not sitting on the couch for hours now!!!!!:)I am very glad to report!!!
    I have been eating alot of brown rice and beans and lots of veggies!!!! I keep thinking why didn't I do this before!!!!
    The other night instead of having the usual bowl of cereal for a snack, I had an English cucumber, vineripe
    tomato, an orange and a banana and I enjoyed what I had!! I was so happy!:)

    I am wondering though if you could give me a list of veggies that you eat, I think if others see it too then they will know what to look for at the grocery stores too.

    The multivitamin,calcium and magnesium, and green tea extract I bought in liquid form by the way, a higher
    quality supplements.

    Again thanks, I'm still wanting to go and get other supplements for the cell engines but waiting for some
    extra money to come in!!

    by the way did you get my reply???

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    No, I didn't see your reply before, I'm sorry to say. I'm usually pretty good about looking at my posts to see if someone had a question about something I said but I've been missing a few, lately. I think it's because I, too, am getting better and starting to get a life again!

    But I'm real ecstatic that all of this worked for you! I think most people hear alot of this but not that many really do it. It is kind of hard to give up yummy food, especially when you're feeling bad and it's your only joy.

    The veggies I eat are mostly zucchini, carrots, all colors of peppers, onions, garlic, broccoli and cauliflower. I usually just cut them up small and boil them all together with curry and/or chicken broth. This is my staple food, I eat it several times a day. I've gotten to the point my body craves it and it's not unbearable. Pretty much any veggies could be stuck in my "cfs soup". I've found that the more veggies you mix together, the better the taste. So if you put in plenty of onions, garlic and red, green, yellow and orange peppers, it's bound to make anything taste good. Mixed up is alot better than let's say, broccoli by itself which I can't stand. And always cut them up really small so you get a bit of several different ones in each bite.

    If you really want to enjoy some healthy food, get a dehydrator. You can make the yummiest healthy things. Here's some examples:

    your own potato chips, slice paper thin, soak in lemon juice for an hour, drizzle with olive oil and sea salt, and dehydrate until you have "chips"

    if you have a spiral slicer, use the angel hair option, put potatos, zucchini and carrots to make them into "angel hair" and then soak in lemon juice for oan hour, then drain and mix with olive oil, curry, cumin and sea salt. lay out in dehydrator and dry overnight.

    brazil nut wafers: put about a cup or 2 of brazil nuts in the blender with enough water to cover them. blend then add a banana and blend again. pour cookies on top of waxed paper and put in dehydrator overnight.

    date/nut/coco cookies: put macadamia nuts, fresh coconut and a few dates in the food processor. blend until chopped up really well, maybe add a little water, and lay out in cookie shapes in dehydrator overnight.

    flax seed cookies: soak flax seeds in water 2 hours, put grated apple, coconut, and dates through food processor then add flax seeds, lay out in cookie shapes and dehydrate overnight. add nuts or bananas as desired

    These are just a sample of the yummies you can make in a dehydrator which are completely healthy food. You will never feel deprived of tasty snacks again. You'll get good at it after awhile and come up with your own stuff. You can make pies, even. The crusts usually start with a date and almond crust. Put them in the food processor, then lay out in a pan and dehydrate. Then pick your filling using fruits and nuts. The possibilities are endless, there are tons of raw food websites and uncook books.

    And if you want to see everything I took, look at my what worked for me. I believe it's on page 4. It's very long and involved. But it may help to take a look at it. Or maybe you already have. The articles I've based it on are these 2 protocols by Dr.s Teitelbaum and Cheney:



    Other helpful articles especially for irregular heartbeat, feeling like you don't have enough oxygen:


    Oops, my computer charge is almost out, gotta go!

    very happy for you, keep it up!

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