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    I'm f13girl on lymenet-can you PM me?

    I'm not on anything last 4 months-- I only did 1 week of flagyl/3 diflucan starting in NOvember and an herbal tea that sent me into this tail spin/neurological hell/loss of function and nervous system agitation/total insomnia where I want to die. I was not well (bad brain fog, some jerkng/twitching/left side weaker than right, some eye pain, but functional before-walking 3 miles a day/working/taking care of my family/driving. Now I can do nothing/feel like I can't go on. And terrified of putting in abx or anything into my body/hypersensitive now. I used to be able to take herbs by the boatload. Can't take anything now.

    I had something similar 2 years ago on herbs-same thing an unbearable explosion of tons of new symptoms- i had to stop the herbs and it lasted for 4 months BUT was not like this and I recovered out of it but not back to baseline. Then slowly added in herbs I could tolerate 8 months later/did candida diet, LDN. Started declining in 2000 again and this fall.

    I am very chemically sensitive and do not detox according to genomics liver panel-I'm terrified on my next step -but no I can't live like this/I'm in agony 24X7 now for 4 months-can't even watch a movie or read a book it's so bad. Can I speak with you?