Kashi Cereal Exposed (Poison)

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    A month or so ago I fumbled upon the horror of Kashi cereal....I don't eat cereal as a rule but had a box of Kashi that I decided to open and eat some for breakfast....I was overcome with FATIGUE and a general horrible feeling.....I didn't put it together and then had some again that week and AGAIN....so realized and decided it was the Kashi, I threw the box out......

    THere is a lot of info on the net re: Kashi dangers and here is one link, I do NOT touch cereal anymore, any kind.


    Oct 11, 2011 ... Cornucopia.org) -- the same group that exposed the widespread use of ... Kashi
    brand cereals (Kellogg's) contains "high levels" of GMOs.
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    Wow had'nt heard on that Jam.. I don't ever eat that .. usually if I have cereal I have old fashioned Oatmeal.. I make my own bread.. because there is so much crap in store bread. Occasionally I might have The Store here.. Wegmans.. their cereal isnt bad.. and I will get their bit size shredded wheat.. but.

    I pretty much make my own food to eat too because of all the preservatives.. the only box stuff I have is maybe a low fat brownie mix and or a cake mix.once in awhile I do buy crackers.. I love Grahm crackers but Oh Gosh when Ya read the ingredients.. so one day when I was feeling good.. I happened upon a recipie for home made grahm crackers and made them.. they were actually really good.. But as I said..
    I buy most of my fruits and veggies fresh..
    You would think because Kashi is supposed to be a organic.. Or so I thought.. that there wouldnt be a problem with it.. Guess that is something to pass along to my friends and family that may eat that kind..
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    Yes, everything is full of CWAP preservatives, EVERYTHING...... If one can make all their own stuff that is great......I'm not too great in the kitchen anymore.....

    Kashi is a Kelloggs company, I believe.....I've read where they are cleaning up their act or trying to.....I don't eat any cereal NOW, staying away from grains.....did you read the Grain Brain by Dr. Permutter.....I have a post about it here......jam