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  1. ilovepink4

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    You guys said to interview lawyers....tell me about that...i am confused over how do I find one that is good? what types of questions should i ask? i can't tell from the phone book who is a going to be tough or not...

    a consult is usually free, right?

    you have been through this? can you give me some info and advice?

    thanks! Pink
  2. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    bumping for help
  3. kat0465

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    In my case,I had a friend who suggested a lawyer they had used. I called and the first consult was free. I was in his office for 2 hours! He gave me all the info I needed.

    I was still working then, so when I saved up $500.00 he filed the divorce in court. Is there someone you know personally who can guide you to a lawyer?? If not find one that does family law, most will give you a free consult.
    If you meet with one and feel comfortable with the info they give you, stick with em. If not get another consult

    Like jam in said, caregivers do get burned out. But from what your describing it goes way deeper than that.alcoholism is a disease in it's own right.

    Now when he gets pissy about me being sick, although he dosent come right out and say it. I remind him that what is happening to me could easily happen to him, it's not something we choose.

    In his case he chose to drink, and now his body is breaking down from it all. And who will be taking care of him if he gets sick........ME!!!
  4. ilovepink4

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    i am limited in knowing ppl that know the attorneys in town....i also want to make sure i get one that understands my health issues.....how they were caused.....and how shitty it is that my husband is abandoning me and the kids when i am at my lowest.....

    i want a lawyer that will nail his balls to the wall....my gut says there is another woman but i just don't have proof.....my gut and a text that he sent by accident to me.....instead of someone that he could n't wait to see, to taste, to touch....that was back in september....

    he knows that shit would hit the fan if i found out about another woman, but he is getting his way.....and he has picked up the speed really quick....well, i am going to drag my heels now that he is movin out ot the house next week....

    why make it easy for him and someone else to be able to have everything they want....

    i wonder what the percentage of ppl with fibro or cfs have gotten divorced? i never dreamed i would be divorced....this is totally my husband wanting this....he thinks i only want our marriage to work is so i can use him for his money....and that i am faking...i was shocked when he said he didnt' love me....that is a big jump from his drinking annoying me to he doesnt love me and never has....

    ok...sorry ....shutting up....
  5. kat0465

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    I have been right in your shoes pink, it's horrible. You make sure whatever lawyer you go to knows about your whole situation, if you havent already, get copies of your medical records!!

    Also if you got a text like that,I'd be getting copy's of phone records also!! Just a thought. In my case I knew exactly who the woman was...... A very good friend ;/ after her divorce we remained close, then she suddenly stopped calling or coming around.I thought it was because I was sick and couldn't do a lot, after about 6 months I found out the hubby's was talking to her the whole time!!!
    What a great friend huh, and husband for that matter!!! Once I knew everything and started the divorce process, he had a big change of heart.

    I still don't trust him, although things are better now, it will never be the same.I sometimes think I would have followed thru with the divorce. I know it's tough, but please do what you can to make sure you are taken care of!!

    You have kids to think about, that alone will make you drag yourself thru the mess if it all. Praying for you honey.

    {{ hugs}}
  6. tamsyn

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    I tried three lawyers before I found one that I liked. Look for a good listener (very important!) Look for one who shows you some compassion. Look for someone who is promt at getting your stuff taken care of.

    It might be hard to explain all about your illness; does a lawyer need to know all about this to handle your case? If not, it might just confuse things. If so, then try printing out a brief (one-two page) medical explanation of the illness (like from this home site) and let the paper do your talking for you. Then it can be kept on your file for future reference. Good luck! tamsyn

    PS You know what I decided after my break-up? If a guy couldn't emotionally support me through an illness then he wasn't worth being with anyway. Now I'm with a guy who totally accepts my limitations and never tries to push me past them. I'm worth that -- and so are you!

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