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    Hi Kate,

    Thought i`d start a thread in answer to our conversation on endometriosis in case others want to join in...

    From what i`ve read, I figure eating processed refined wheat can be a contributing factor to many symptoms including yours...
    My daughter now gets bloated if she eats white bread but didn`t have the problem at the time of her PCOS.

    Just to explain the difference - an allergy is where someone has a real physical reaction to food such as nuts for example. Severe diarrohea is an allergic reaction to the gluten in wheat as in Celiac disease.
    A Dairy allergy results in skin disorders like eczma (severe for some).

    Intolerance is more low key, wheat can cause bloating after consumption, fatigue, diarrohea, sinus/catarrh, headaches etc.

    In his book, Dr John Lee says endometriosis is a dominance of the hormone Estrogen in the system. Estrogen dominance comes about through several factors, diet/lifestyle taking the pill & HRT etc. etc.

    This excess estrogen can be balanced out by using natural progesterone cream for a few months, then hopefully the pain etc will subside and go away...

    Processed foods lack vital nutrients, and a diet based on wheat consumption such as toast/wheat cereals for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and pasta for tea may be a contributry factor.

    So wheat wouldn`t cause endometriosis - just play a role in the systems downfall.

    Hope this helps and isn`t too confusing and today`s a good one for you,

    love Pat.

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    I use to have that and i'm here to say that it didn't matter what i ate. The pain was so bad that I was taking straight codine and that didn't even help. I finally went to a surgen and had pretty much all of my repordutive organs removed. They left one overy so I wouldn't go straight into menapose but as bad as the surgery hurt once i started to feel better the pain was gone. I haven't had any pain since then either and that was 15 years ago. Ask your doctor about it and see what he says. The pain is bad enough with fibro or/and CFS without having the pain of endometriosis. Good Luck.........SueF
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    I just wanted to tell you that I had a few minutes here on the computer and I see this post but I don't have time to "really" reply right now.

    If I have time later tonight I am going to come back. If not you probably won't hear from me until tomorrow evening. My day is really swamped tomorrow!

    I am sorry, please don't think I am avoiding you or don't appreciate your input because I DO!!!!!! Time is just limited now that Landon is taking off! He is practically walking and so mobile that I have to really be on my toes! :)


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    Chat soon and don`t wear yourself out..


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