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    Hey there!

    I guess I should move to Hollywood since they had no match for me lol make myself known eh!? ROFLMAO!


    June 2nd I went to a meta-physical shop with my DH and had a reading for my birthday.

    I knew the reading may take a while so I asked to go potty first before we climbed 3 flights of stairs.

    I sat on the throne and could hear children running up and down the stairs. They were hysterical laughing and teasing each other it was a hoot to listen too.

    I came out of the biffy and asked DH if he or our friend had heard the children? They said no and that was that we went up the stairs.

    After I had my reading done I decided to pull out my camera and take a few snaps of the stairwell as we went down.

    I knew there were for sure 3 kids 2 boys and a little sister that is blonde. She loved to go with the boys where ever they went and being littler she had to work at keeping up.

    Anyhow in the one shot, the one in my profile there are all 3 kids! you can distinctly see the hair and faces of each one in the outlines I did. You can also see clothing details which is fab!

    I was so pleased that they would honour me this way by letting me do this. I could not believe I had all 3 on there it was so coool.

    It is so neat working with spirit in this way this shop has had a few spirit photos to be taken in it. So this helps to validate my pic because of the others.

    I guess the kids can get naughty at times and they throw books of shelves and a few other polterguist things but they have never hurt anyone they just want paid attn to just like real "live" eehhehe, little kids would.

    Fun stuff eh? What do you think?? Can you see them?

    Let me know! Hagd Brenda
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    Thanks for bumping this otherwise I would have never have seen it!!!!

    Well I FINALLY added my picture to my profile and I don't look like the women the celebrity website says I do but hey I will take the compliments! LOL

    I am REALLY into this kind of stuff by the way! I have had so many experiences throughout my 29 years that sometimes I actually have to check myself and say "okay did that actually happen?". LOL

    I think that is awesome that the kids let you take a picture of them. I have never gotten a visual other then orbs and those were only in pictures. Actually no I take that back I saw an orb in my brother in laws house but couldn't say anything to anyone because they would all think I am crazy!

    Everything has been a feeling or a touch but one day I would really like to have a real visual. Of course I would probably poop my pants but... LOL

    Anyway I was really into this stuff before I got pregnant. I was actually setting up to start "ghost hunting" but when I found out I was pregnant and abandoned that idea because I didn't want any type of "anything" to attach itself to me. Does that make sense?

    So since my son has been born I have been more careful in this venture. I am pretty sensitive to this stuff and can feel and hear things other people can't. I know that sounds weird but I think you understand what I am talking about.

    I am just sensitive to my surroundings but have no gifts of any sorts.

    Although I do like to go looking at old houses because I can often get a sense of the people who lived there in the past.

    There is a house in another town that my husband and I looked at and there is a mud room of sorts off the kitchen and when I opened the door I felt dizzy and I was immediately sick to my stomach. As I walked through the room the feeling just kept getting worse.

    As soon as I walked out of that room and into the main house again I was immediately and I mean within seconds completely fine.

    So just to test myself I went and looked at few more rooms and went back to the mud room and had the same exact reaction both going into the room and coming out!

    After asking around about the house I found out that there was an artist who lived their with his family who went kind of mad and that the mud room was his studio.

    I actually felt like I was going to faint when I found that out! It weirded me out but didn't surprise me at all!

    Okay well I could sit here and tell you a ton of stories! I would love to hear more stuff if you have it! I am going to look at the picture some more and see if I can make out anything in the outlines that you have. I need to clean my computer screen so that is why I am not looking at them right now. I was baking a cake the other night and had my laptop on the counter as I was reading off the ingredients so it got kind of nasty. LOL


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    Hope you are having a good day!

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    Hope you see this!
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    hi ya

    glad to see you found the post! I had to bump to put it back up from page 3.

    ahah oh dear read what you wrote but forgot now lol

    sigh little stressful over here right now...

    Hubbys daughter is in a pile of crap. Her kids have been taken away and we have petitioned for them.

    Social services are coming to inspect the house Tues. So we have a marathon run for cleaning to do.

    Hubbys late wife has reallly got things stirred up in the house. She died 3 years ago and anytime there is a n issue with the kids or grandkids she starts what I call fuming lol.

    The whole room you are in smells like cig smoke. She smoked like a chimney in life. So you know when she is around or wanting to be known. Often to be a pain she will bake cookies too.

    One day near easter she came and sat on the bed, and ate an easter bunny.

    I was in bed watching telly. I saw the bed move where she sat and dip, and heard the wrapper and smelt the chocolate. How rude of her eh? And I was desperate for chocolate. ahah

    Anyhowif you stare at the pic the images will not jump out as mach as if you lazyly look at it. if that makes sense.

    anyways I am pooped will check a few more posts then off to bed for another fun filled day of cleaning.


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