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    Thank you for the nice comment on my profile picture with my horses.

    Training is a real issue with my filly, she has such a cautious nature to over come, and i have such limited energy.

    Being a Spanish Mustang, (that is a breed, The SMR, Spanish Mustang Registry, the HOA website has a breed standard page listed) she was ranch raised, and not handled until weaned, the preservation insticts are still very stong.
    They are after all the original Indian pony, cowboy's pony, and spanish conquistador's horse. Very closely related to the mustang but with out the modern blood added in by the BLM, and also closely related other spanish breeds.
    Sorry for the history lecture, just if your a horse lover you might be interested in the details.

    Wind Dancer has a very odd combination of curious and friendly, cautious and assertive, that i find very challenging, specially with my limitations.

    Definitely different from any other horse i've ever worked with.

    What kinda methods were you using with the horse you were training??

    I like your picture by the ocean, would love to ride on the ocean shore one day, my body willing.


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    The history on your baby was fascinating! I have never really researched mustangs too much...just enough to learn a little about the American Mustang since that was the horse I was training.

    As you know, the cautious, curious, assertive characteristics of your baby is so typicle of a two year old...and what a challenge that is in itself! And since your horse was ranch riased, it makes it even more of a challenge.....what "fun" you are about to get into...LOL!

    I use the natural horsemanship of training and find that method to be so much less stressful for me and the youngsters. But now I am only finishing the adults after they have already been green broke by someone else. I also work with older horses solving the vices they've developed throughout the years. But I really can't do any of that any more because of this DD. As you know training has to be on a daily basis or at least every other day if necessary so I had to stop. But I loved it while I was able. Always a challenge and no two horses train alike.

    Oh yeah, I got to ride on the ocean twice when I was visiting out in California. It was a small town call Trinidad and they had a Therapeutic Riding center there. What a BLAST it is to canter along the beach dodging the waves! It was quite dizzying too.

    It is so good to have a horse buddy on here! What type of training do you do??? Let's talk horse!
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    I'm so excited you found my info interesting, sometimes people just roll there eyes at me when i try to explain that Spanish Mustangs are a breed.

    I really wish i had someone to share my horse with who understood how i want her brought along. And because their is still so much to keep learning it would be fun to do the learning with someone.

    I use to love the ground work, but now i just don't have the energy, and roundpenning or lungeing work makes me sick and dizzy. I've been trying to find other alternatives,
    I have some tapes by a guy named Frank Bell, he is natural horsemanship, but he dose things allittle differently, just useing a long lead.

    She has responded well to some off that. I first tried some ground work by Clinton A. but his methods were to agressive for her, and she wanted to fight with me.

    With SM's (Spanish Mustangs) there fight instinct are sometimes higher than their flight when pushed to hard.

    I haven't done anything this winter with her, been sooooo cold, i'll probably have to start over. But last fall i didn lay across her back acouple times, my profile should be update because she will be 4 this spring.

    Have you ever heard of Linda Tellington Jones Method??? That is what i'm going to try with her this spring. For Xmas i got a huge book from her, with lots of stuff to work on.
    Its the beginning riding stage that i'm really bad at, i lose my confidence, and we both know, the horse feels that in us.
    Another reason for a second person, Linda jones Starts horse useing two people. One in the saddle and one on the ground, it seems like a really safe an low stress way for both people and horse.

    You worked with Therapeutic Riding, how fun and rewarding! I have always wanted to learn dressage, but never had the opportunity.
    Grew up with horses, bareback, and barefeet!! LOL, Then we got into 4-h, where we live everything is western.

    I use to love doing the reining patterns with my pony, the last year we showed in 4-h together we beat out most the big horses and won a blue.

    It's fun to have a horse friend, tell me about some of your horse life, did you come to them early or late??

    I'm so very, very fortanate to be able to have three in my backyard, and my family helps me feed them, otherwise i couldn't do the haybales with this DD.

    Take Care, Hugs,

    Oh, i forgot to ask you, how did you get injured?? Hope your healing up.

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  4. Kathleen12

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    I am familiar with the T-Touch method but was unable to use much of it because I live alone. But we have used alot of it on our therapy horses for relaxation and mld stretches.

    i used to love Clinton Anderson untill he started getting a little too "pretty" for the cameras. I enjoyed and learned alot from hs early years of ground work. I also like Dennis Reis. But I've never heard of Frank Bell. I'll google him and learn more.

    My history with horses is relatively short. I got my first (and only) horse when I turned 13 and kept him for 15 years until I had to go away for college. I showed him in gymkhana events and we were pretty good in the poles and dashes. He was too short bodied though to do any better than 2nd place in barrels.

    I went on later to work and train at an Arabian show barn for a while then got intersted in the therapeutic aspects of our equine friends and went on to get certified as an instructor, where I learned basic dressage.

    I only started training prvately last year but that was short lived. The first horse was supposed to be broke but was not and threw me on my first ride (after I had spent 2 weeks on ground work only). Any way, I didn'nt know it then but I fractured a vertebrae. I sent him back to be ridden by someone who was able and replaced him with the mustang. He was well broke but had a few bad habits that needed to be fixed in order for his owner to bea able to ride safely. I worked with him as much as I could for 2 months and felt he was ready to go home. I just wanted to give his owner some riding lessons first. Any way, I got tired of a certain pecan branch hitting me in the face as I cantered around it and decided to prune it from the horse's back. He stood beautifully for me but one of the branches fell and got tangled in the reins when he went ballistic! I got trown again and learned later that I fractured two more vertebrea and re-broke the earlier break. So that is why training is history for me. I can't afford any more ER visits and my M.E. won't allow the strenuous work it takes to be a viable trainer any way. Best I can do any more is advise others with training.

    I'm sorry this was so long, but you asked....LOL. Like you in a way, I have no one who is intersted in horses so I can't discuss training, breeds, experiences, etc with anyone.

    You take care and am looking forward to your next reply. By the way...are we allowed to post things like this on this board? I mean, this is kind of a topic between just you and myself. I'd like for anyone else to join in but I don't know if this is an acceptible topic for this board.

    Hugs, Kathleen
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    This topic is fine!!! It's the chit chat board. Now that we have connected here, and fill up this post.

    We could start a new thread with a more generic title, like, The Horse Barn, then other would feel free to join, and we would still be able to find each other without making it sound like a personal post.

    We use to have a thread like that going just like the Porch posts, but it kinda faded out.

    Anywhoo, Sounds like you took a couple of nasty falls, that's what i'm worried about working with a young horse.

    It must have been hard for you to give up your horse you had for 15 years when you went to college!! My parents have horses, they raise foundation Quarter horse, and i left my pony with them until i had a place of my own for her. I still have her, she will be 31 this spring!!!

    She's a welsh/POA cross, with a tough little attitude! LOL

    I had an arab gelding for about 5 years, finally sold him to an endurance home, i couldn't keep up with his high energy, but he had a lovely sweet personality, miss him lots!!

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    I love your user name! It reminds me of my mother when I was a little girl. When I'd wake up in the mornings, Mama would always say "Morning Glory". And Morning son shine makes me think of those days.

    Any way, that is wonderful you still have your pony at 31! That is very rare to have a horse live that long. Although, I knew of an Arabian named Raffles who lived to be 34. He was a very famous little stallion back in the 40s.

    Ya know? I think ponies are getting a bad rap by most horse people. Sure, as with any species of animal, there are certain breeds that have a bit more of an agressive character and the ponies are one of them. But if the parents didn't just buy little Jane a pony without having taught her ANYTHING about horses, then yes, that pony is going to hurt someone! Just because they are so little and cute and the perfect size for children, parents buy these little guys with no knowlege of horses.

    By the way, I love the POAs! We had one in our therapy center and he was such a doll and the children loved him the most.

    I noticed in your photo that you do not wear a helmet. I will not preach at you but will tell you about my experience and helmets.

    At our center, it was mandatory to wear a helmet while riding on the premises. So I was getting ready to ride one our horses out in the pasture but because it was such a wonderful sunny day and his coat was so thick and warm, I decided to ride bareback (which I do more often than not when I can). Any way, we started cantering and that felt os good that I let him out into more of a hand gallop. Then I just let him go into a flat out run! He was feeling good and I was feeling good and he zigged and I zagged! I hit the ground laughing at him running away pooting and bucking as he ran! I did not hurt myself, but when I got back to the barn with Hafaad, I saw that my helmet was busted in the back where my head hit the ground! Guess what would've been busted without that helmet! So I just thought I'd give you a little to think about next time you ride. No one here in Mississippi wears helmets and I do feel kind of out of place being the only one to wear a helmet, but I do thank God for them and never ride without any more!

    Take care and will chat again soon.

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