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    So this is my story. Since it is such a hard disease to confirm until usually too late I have been researching and asking as much on Lyme as possible. I remember as a young adolescent being up in Michigan on the farm with deer, horses, and raccoons. I went camping and hung out nature trail walking. I remember having what I thought ticks on me def. on different occasions. Then at about 14-15 I noticed and so did my mom that I had been getting sick frequently and seemed that I was missing school and always tired. Eventually my symptoms developed into strong vomiting and fever and chills on and off again. Possible mono and then I seemed ok again. Then came abdominal pain and constipation and there were cysts in my neck right by some major lymph nodes more than likely inside two of them. I have bi lateral cysts same spots on opposite ends of my neck. My symptoms worsened by 16 I was constantly feeling tired, depressed, flushed in my ears and neck, dry eyes, twitching, night sweats, ringing, buzzing in my ears, seeing floaters, etc. Finally the weight loss began, the malabsorbtion continued and the vomiting never stopped. The fevers and sweating was persistent. My dad told me I was a hypochondriac and so did my family doctor. I was on antidepressants, and antibiotics believing I had mono and strep.
    I continued on until I saw a GI for the abdominal pain and he said could be Crohn's or IBS. Ended up in ER nearly died. Was diagnosed with Crohn's had surgery after nothing by mouth for 5months. In remission and put on 6MP to suppress WBCs which I believe have a spirochete in them thats why I have an autoimmune condition. My diet was crap for a year and the 6MP I have discovered can lead to fungal overgrowth with suppressed immune system. ON top of that I drank frequently for 2years later. Got off the drug and went all natural and have been trying to treat Candida sis now for 2and a half years.
    Everyone I meet on the street or through random encounters tell me "I look amazing for Crohns" I'm athletic and have played sports my whole life. I workout usually 4days a week, cardio is consistent, and my diet is based on Gluten Free and Candida related. My blood pressure and cholesterol were normal when I was at an unhealthier weight. I loose weight sometimes and can't keep my muscle. Yet I can put it right back on and I believe I would be much skinner and smaller if I didn't have the genes for building muscle and strength that I have. I Followed the Candida diet not perfect but did tons of antifungals. Now Im doing acupuncture and it has been helping until recently it seems new and old symptoms are occurring. The neck stiffness, the clogged ears, anxiety,night sweats, crawling skin, aching joints, CNS impairment with concentration, CFS, memory, elevated liver enzymes,high blood pressure, lung impairment, I have Hoshimotos (thyroid)now so endocrine impairment. I cry easily and am depressed sometimes for no reason. I have done some recreational drugs and taken testosterone based supplements that have likely weakened my immune system especially when I was doing them on a drug that suppressed my immune system. However, I never abused anything. When I would drink I would get horrible reactions and feel so feverish, and everything would hit me 3days later. I stopped drinking and had much better relief. Everything up to this point has been relief I understand that now.
    I will be getting a live blood cell analysis done in the next month to check for fungal problems. If I don't have high levels then my worst fear may be realized. With my symptoms and all the symptoms I have read about and talked to others about, one of the most logical culprits would be a spirochete. If thats true I believe I've had the disease for a long time. Any information or input would of course be wonderful.
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    While your symptoms could point to Lyme, they could also be caused by many other conditions. In fact symptoms can be the result of more than one condition.

    What kind of doctors are you seeing? An endocrinologist, gastro?

    When was the last time you had a complete checkup?

    It sounds like you need to get a complete work up from your doctor to see what is really going on. You can also request a Lyme test.

    I would start with a generalist and see if that doctor recommends specific referrals which could include an Infectious Disease Doctor or LLMD.

    It is so confusing to sort out what is going on when we have lots of physical symptoms. But I think it is important to cover all the basis.

    You do not want to be treated for one condition at the expense of ignoring any co-conditions which may also be affecting your health.

    Good luck. Let us know what you find out.


    PS You might want to do some research on the reliability of Live Blood Analysis. I believe that there are other tests that are better to diagnose a fungal problem. Just a suggestion.

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