Kathy622, EBV, HHV6 other "junk" like mycoplasmas

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    Kathy, in another post you asked if I had: "other viruses like EBV, HHV6? Do you have other "junk" like mycoplasmas or CpN in your system?"

    I'm guessing this is in connection to Lymes. Can you please explain further, haven't heard of these and I'm still in the learning stages with these illnesses.

    Thanks to you and everyone else for your support.

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    I'm sure Kathy will see your Post soon and I'm sure She is much more knownlegable than I!! However, I do suggest that
    you visit some of the other websites including Medlineplus.com
    for some definitions of other illnesses.

    Likewise, you may wish to visit your local Library (on line
    if possible) to find books and writings on Lyme etc. We are
    learning things together and I'm glad to find you here!

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    Hi Kathy,

    sorry I haven't been online much this week, it's been a little hectic. I'm learning about lymes.

    I've had knee problems for about the past 30 years but when I found out I had lymes it was a different pain. It was actually in my legs but my knees hurt too and I had a very difficult time walking. I was actually on a cane and I'm only 43.

    I didn't expect that diagnosis. She said it was acute not chronic and I took 100 mg doxy 2x/day for 30 days. She said I shouldnt' need any further treatment of doxy from here on. I'm a little worried if that's true based on some things I've read here but haven't had that type of pain since.

    I'll go back for a fibro follow up in 2 weeks and will get a copy of the lyme results to see what they show.

    I think I was bitten late last summer, the one time I didn't spray bug guard on.

    We don't think my problems are from lyme, had alot of stress in my life the past 7 years especially the last 2. I had alot of the fibro symptoms long before last summer. I will research these things and pay attention to what my body's doing.

    How long has your daughter been on her treatment? Hope it helps.

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