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    Something made me check this board today and I see you were asking about me. How strange.

    Sorry your daughter is not doing as well. The ups and down of all of this. 30 days of amox will do nothing for the stage of Lyme disease your daughter could be dealing with. As far as her GI issues was she on probiotics while taking this.

    I would be concerned that your daughter was already treated with ehrlichosis. Perhaps you should see a different lye doctor. One that will focus on coinfections and Lyme. I would try back Dr. H. in Hyde Park. I know in the past you called but I would try again.

    So sorry you are dealing with all of this.

    Liz made dramatic improvements with IV Doxy but has plateaus. She is now being treated for Lyme and Bartonella. The meds are hard to deal with but she is managing.

    So many times there are multiple virus, infections. Dr. H checks for everything!

    Keep in touch.
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    Hi Kathy,

    Your daughter's GI issues could be Lyme or coinfections. Since Liz has begun bart treatment her GI issues are improving. Make sure you tell Dr. J that your daughter has been treated for ehrlichiosis in the past. We see Dr. J on Monday. Do you have to stay overnight or are you close enough?

    I just got some of my results back and I am positive for hhv6. I don't know to much about this. I see Dr. H in a few weeks. My cortisol is elevated. Do you know what this means?

    Yes< I am a strong person to and sometimes have such a difficult time with my kids so ill. It breaks my heart. I guess they handle things with such poise I try to focus on some day they will be well. What they are learning form all of this will help them in life. I just pray that all of this will be behind them someday.

    Stay in touch! Hope your daughter is holding her own
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