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    I already answered my question to you in the Lyme thread. I found another one of your posts and confirmed that we do in fact have the same CFS doctor, which I am very happy with personally. She has been wonderful to me. Always available, always open-minded, always willing to try new things. And had no problem running the Lyme test when I asked her to. Called with the positive results a week later.

    Just curious who your daughter's LLMD is? Did your CFS doctor refer you? I am going to Dr. LF in NJ next week. Very anxious about the appt, as you can imagine. I also have high EBV and HHV6 and wonder if there is also a link there where the infection from Lyme throws those #s up. There has to be some sort of correlation because so many people with Lyme also have EBV and HHV6. I am sure hoping this Lyme doctor can piece it together for me. Just wondering if we are heading to the same LLMD!

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    I hope you are able to enjoy your vacation.

    I know someone (recently met her actually) who's DD has Lyme and she goes to a ped Lyme doctor in CT. I wonder if it is the same one you are going to. I'm sure you'll be in good hands there.

    I do like Dr. L very much and don't see the negative things other people see. I think in her heart she wants to help people and you can't ask for more in a doctor. She's always been very responsive to me and has taken me more seriously than any of the other 10 doctors I've seen in the past 1.5 years.

    I do think one day though they will start testing more frequently for Lyme when the CFS diagnosis comes up because it seems way too many people have this.

    I really hope that your DD and myself (and others!) have been misdiagnosed because with Lyme, there is hope for us to get well.

    I look forward to hearing about your visit in July. Good luck!

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