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    Hi all, have used Kava in tablet/capsule form a few years ago and found it effective for sleep, edginess, and muscle aches. It was band a number of years ago as a bad batch got out and caused some health problems. But found out today it is now available in Australia again. thought i would let all the aussies know as it is effective for many cfs symptoms and lot less sides compared to other meds used. Thompson brand make a Kava and when ringing around the health food shops they offered me a practitioners brand of kava from mediherb which is a quality brand. Both brands are around the 50-60mg of kavalactones per tab which is the active ingredient, for insomnia around 200mg before beds is reccommended. I will also get a hold of the thompson brand and see if there is a difference.

    Will take some tonight and let u know how it go's. I am a bit excited as its a supplement that works quickly and effectively, not many do.