kay gilderdale - on radio book release and newspaper coverage

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    after a tb jab lyn gilderdale became ill and after many years
    suffering tried to commit suicide however the morphine she took was
    not enough and her mother helped her. her mother was charged with
    attempted murder but found not guilty

    kay was interviewed on bbc raido4 uk in womens hour

    you can find the link here so you can listen back, it was powerful and
    moved me to tears


    kay has written a book


    Also in Daily Mail today in the uk
    How I helped my darling daughter to die (Daily Mail, 14 April 2011)


    They keep telling me I’m pretending,’ she said. ‘One of the nurses
    started laughing at me and called me a silly little girl. I am not
    pretending. I don’t want to be like this. I hate being ill.’

    I wanted to weep for the pain she was suffering, yet Lynn remained
    cheerful and resilient, loving and thoughtful.

    All this despite being in hospital, or lying in a darkened room,
    unable to walk, talk, feed herself, use the toilet, read, or listen to
    music. She had to communicate by using a kind of sign language we
    developed between us, based on deaf and dumb signings.

    ‘I’m sorry for ruining your life, and Daddy’s,’ she’d say.

    My obsession with solving the mystery of ME had left little room in my
    life for Richard, and we had agreed to separate. Lynn thought she had
    ruined our lives, but she hadn’t. ME had destroyed hers.

    For the next 17 years, Lynn endured an unending string of hospital
    tests that revealed one frustrating and inconclusive result after
    another, and doctors who rarely offered much hope.

    She could not swallow and had to be fed through a tube. She had to
    remain horizontal because sitting up made her lose consciousness and
    she lay on a sheepskin rug to prevent bedsores.

    Her major organs and hormone system were breaking down and, despite
    her daily morphine, she was often in severe pain.

    What remained constant was my devotion to my darling daughter, and her
    belief that one day she might be well enough to start living the life
    of a normal young woman.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1376605/Kay-Gilderdale-How-I-helped-darling-daughter-die.html#ixzz1JUT1zGhj

    this is a very
    powerful and very sad story of a tragic life of a young woman and i
    admire kay greatly for speaking up and releasing this as we approach
    me awareness month.
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    Was an autopsy ever done on her?

    I just can't believe the neglect she suffered at the hands of the NHS - it was dreadful :(

    How can the NHS say what she suffered is "all in the mind" or could have been cured with CBT and GET?

    I just don't understand :(

    Bunchy x
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    i believe that there was an autopsy done however i don t have the details, this was a hugh headline hitting court case in the uk. so it was not released due to court case

    it started a hugh battle in the papers about assisted suicide.

    i am going to buy the book her mother has written and then we can see more information on what happened.

    this brave young woman lived in the same area as sofia mirza sussex uk. You can see on the 25% me group her picture

    Lynn’s autopsy revealed inflammations to her spinal cord, as had been the case with an earlier victim, Sophia Mirza. Psychiatric illnesses don’t usually do that. (Of course, a psychiatric illness may lead to someone throwing themselves out of a window or whatever, and injuring their spinal cord that way, but by all accounts, neither of the two women were in a physical condition that would allow such an action.)

    the nurses we cruel to her and she suffered badly in the hands of the nhs as you can see her mother took her home and looked after her at home.

    its a very disturbing case and i would ask that everyone who can afford to buys a copy of the book so that the book sales keep this in the public eye


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    I knew about Sophia Mirza's autopsy showing inflammation of the spinal cord but didn't realise Lynn Gilderdale's autopsy had also shown similar findings.

    Still don't understand why if these were the findings on the autopsies and their illnesses were described in detail in the papers quite HOW the NHS can refute the fact that these illnesses are physical and not psychiatric in origin.

    As you say, psychiatric illnesses could not have caused spinal cord inflammation - let alone (in Lynn's case) early menopause and failing organs.

    Bunchy x

    PS I always thought Lynn was so brave and she was a massive inspiration to me to keep fighting on during my worst times and I was very upset when she died :(
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    i know how you feel i was so upset when she died too. i think we all were,

    they are the same with autism and vac/jabs over here total denial, its the wessely school who are very influential and stop any research through mrc and any science being published because they have the science media council who stop it getting published.

    the interview below is very good as john says the best one so far and Kay is given the chance to talk about the way they were advised to get Lyn to do graded exercise therapy when really she should have been resting at that stage. how different her life may have been if they had not been given this terrible advice

    the thing is much money is at stake here unum in the states and the physciactric lobby with their vested interests are in positions of power. Kay is fighting very hard to raise awareness ahead of me awareness month


    Kay on the Pat Kenny radio show, RTE, Republic of Ireland, 15 April 2011

    Listen again here


    Scroll down most of the page to the part of the programme

    Book: One Last Goodbye

    Lasts about 23 minutes

    This is the best interview, on the publication "One Last Goodbye",
    allowing Kay to discuss M.E. and especially the severity of Lynn's case,
    without being eclipsed by the - admittedly important - issue of assisted
    suicide. Well researched and conducted by Pat Kenny - more of the same
    please for increasing public knowledge and awareness.

    Best wishes
    drjohngreensmith mefreeforall.org
    ME Free For All.org