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    sorry for the delay, I have been feeling pretty bad and have been in bed. As far as Dr. Shevin goes, I will be seeing him this summer but haven't had my first visit yet. He helped a couple of friends of mine who were very ill. I will be taking my mother also. How long have you been seeing him and has he helped?

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    Hi Wendy, I liked Dr. Shevin; the first visit entails you telling him ALL about your symptoms, life style, etc.

    Then he gives you a vial of pellets resembling grains of sugar which are developed to treat your specific symptoms. He's pretty intense, VERY interested and committed to his patients. He is always responsive to EMails and phone calls for any questions you might have.

    He treated a friend of mine who was troubled with chronic fatigue for several years....worst thing being his inability to sleep. After a course of treatment, his energy has returned and he is sleeping MUCH better.

    I don't think I would have gone to him if he was just into homeopathy. The fact that he's an MD also adds to his credibility.

    I am SO sorry you are in pain....my heart goes out to you.

    Give him a try; I think you'll benefit from it.

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