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Discussion in 'Cancer' started by youngatheart, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. youngatheart

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    Hi Karen,

    How are you doing? And, how is your mom doing now that she's not having chemo?
  2. KayL

    KayL New Member

    You are so sweet to ask! Today is my mom's 73rd birthday. She's slept a good part of the day, and she hasn't eaten, says she nauseated, maybe from the antibiotics, since she hasn't had chemo in over 2 weeks now.

    Her PET scan is scheduled for Sept. 8 and I'm going to be with her. I think she will go next week again for Neupogen and Procrit, but no more chemo until after the scan.

    I didn't know it, and I don't know WHY I wasn't aware of it, but my mom has multiple tumors in each lung, so I'm not sure exactly what that means in the grand scheme of things. On this other board, there's a lot of talk about staging, etc.

    I really think she's feeling a little better right now, but she's also very anxious about the upcoming scans. I will keep you posted. Thanks again for asking! How are things with you????

  3. youngatheart

    youngatheart New Member

    I'm doing okay I guess. My back is sore in a particular spot on my spine. It started after my radiation so I don't know what it is. I was going to be scheduled for another bone scan but I told the dr I didn't think I needed it, cause it felt like a muscle problem. Now I'm not so sure. Anyway the dr or her support person is supposed to call tomorrow re a question I had so I might ask to have them schedule a bone scan if it's still bothering me.

    Can I get personal and ask where you live? I don't mean your address just your general location. I noticed your time zone is close to ours on the west coast so I'm curious.

  4. KayL

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    probably an hour or so from where Shirl is. We're in central time zone here.
  5. ongoing

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    I just got an MRI for pain/discomfort of the spine--don't know how to write you other that through this spot--could share a little and ask a lot!! I had the stage 4 breast cancer challenge prob. in '97, '98 and treatments in '99. I am going on 67.
  6. ongoing

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    I have kept an eye on your email and it sounds as though your Mom is still having appetite reactions--I did too for quite awhile after, and it even gets me at times now when I see or smell certain foods. I helped a cancer challenged friend and I had to make up some of the wierdest concoctions to get calories in her--thank goodness she never tired of ice cream and I am amazed at how I learned to "hide" vitamins. etc. in there! Your being there for her and helping her to eat anything she will or can will really matter as that intake is needed to keep going. I noticed with my friend that she hated the thought she was "imposing" on me--and once we got it straight that I would fix something-- she kinda got in the swing of making the decision. The darn kitchen looked like a mini deli with food I hoped would get chosen!! Kept her glass and pitcher filled with ice water and she did do that well and I found out she loved chewing on the ice. Trying to find something that works is a challenge--keep up your spirits and your own health, Bye-
  7. Jinx69

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    Karen, I think sleeping is the best for mom, don't you? Wish i could give her a hug. The antibiotics are probably making her nauseated, they always say to eat when you take them. Is she getting enough fluid? Did she eat some b-day cake? No matter how sick I am, there is always room for cake! LOL

    Janis, did you get the bone scan scheduled? How do they do that? I've never had one.

    Ongoing, I'd love to have you in my kitchen ;-)
    You sound like a very warm, caring, wonderful person!

  8. ongoing

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    Hi, glad to hear you keeping some humor--many of us have to pull ourselves up with it! I didn't do as well with my cancer TX as a younger friend did, so I bet it takes a lot out of your mom at her age. Hope you are doing something relaxing for the Labor Day holidays--being a "caregiver" is a very "special" thing. I find that most of us who have gone through any of the serious health challenges become more willing to share the "caring side of ourselves" with others!! Bye-
  9. youngatheart

    youngatheart New Member

    Hi Jinx,

    No, I haven't spoken to the radiology oncologist, she hasn't called back so haven't asked about it. The pain is moving around a bit so not quite sure what to say at this point.

    Anyway, nice to see you appear to be a little better.

    Hugs & Love coming your way