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    ~kch64~ I don't think we've spoken before... but, i did a search on Northern VA and found your post titled "I live in Northern Virginia"

    I also read your profile and see that you were dx in Jan 05... i am still pretty new around here.... But, was dx just this Jan 06. I've been married to my soulmate for 7.5 yrs, but no children either. We also live in N. Va... You can see Dulles Airport from where i'm sitting!!!... What area do you live?

    I was encouraged by the info. you provided about your drs. I currently see a neuro in Alexandria for my migraines... but, he wants me to see a rummy to treat my FM.

    Have you ever attended any of the FMS / CFS support groups up here?


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    Hello. Nice to "meet" you.

    I was diagnosed by a rheumy, but that's all.

    I live in Alexandria. Who's your Neuro?

    Actually, I've been to two rheumatologists, but neither of them have done much for me except for the diagnosis.

    I've gotten better mostly from my own research and trying different things I think can help.

    I'm not aware of the FM/CFS support groups here. Can you give me some info on those? Might be interesting.

    I've found this board to be the best place to be.

    I look forward to talking with you again. write soon.

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    I haven't heard very good things about rummy's treating FM!!... actually, what i heard is that they do not treat FM at all. That a rummy came up with the tender point chart for FM and thats how they all got labeled as treating FM!... which is why i've been avoiding seeing one.

    My neuro is David Alway at the Neurology & Headache Treatment Center. I started seeing him because i was having sever migraines 24/7. I've been seeing him monthly for about a year. He has helped reduce my migraines by about 75%, and was the one who DX me with FM... I had never even heard about FM before this past Jan!!

    I saw the support groups here on this site... actually i just checked them and it looks like they've changed some. There used to be a FMS / CFS group in Annandale... but, now i found this;

    Support Group Information:
    Group Name: Fibromyalgia/Arthritis Support Group
    Type: Fibromyalgia
    Name: Barbara Gioia
    Telephone Number: 703 913-0890
    Email Address: Beebop6211@aol.com
    Address: 2501 Sherwood Hall Lane
    Alexandria, VA 22306
    United States

    I'd really like to check one of this out some time!!!

    Talk soon!

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    Sherwood Hall Lane is very close to me. I'm interested also.

    THanks for writing to me.

    I think a Neuro could treat your FM just as well as a rheumy.

    If you're in a lot of pain, ask him for lyrica or neurontin.

    If not, and you're having mostly fatigue, you will have to read and try your own remedies. this board is really good to help with that.

    My best to you and write again soon.

  5. Tmprincess

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    Thanks for the insights! ; )
    I saw your email in the other thread...
    do you mind if i email you some time?
    Would love to talk with you more and maybe even
    go to one of those meetings!?!?

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    don't know how you saw my e-mail because we're not supposed to put it out there. but if you saw it somehow,then that's fine. I wouldn't mind you emailing me.

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    Cool then! I'll stay in touch and see you around on here!
    Enjoyed chatting with you!!!

    Take care!
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    I've enjoyed chatting with you too. Thanks for writing.