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    Dear Kendra,

    I just read your response about Jillian's divorce, and I wanted to tell you that I am praying for you. There are lots of things I could say, my experiences, others, etc., but I am just going to leave this to God to lead you and to sustain you. Life is just difficult, and without a relationship with Jesus and the assurance of a home in Heaven, life would be unbearable for me. I suspect you feel similarly.

    So, I am praying for you. YOu are a wonderful, caring person; God's blessing on you today and always.

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    Your response is so close to my own relationship with my own husband.
    He's a good man, but so cold, and frozen emotionally,
    i like your description, of a cold wind.
    I have battered myself blue against the wall around him.
    Sometimes i wonder if what i'm looking for just isn't there, not that he's hiding away, but it's just not there!!

    I do know it has always helped to pray about it(but i usally only do when things get completely out of hand), it keeps my heart open.
    There has been times when my feelings have been shriveled up dead as a door nail. But God can make all things new.

    Sometimes i'm almost afraid to let it open back up because it's been so bruised before, when i have.

    I'm learning (slowly) to try to accept my man where he is at (sometimes that's impossible) and try to trust God to change things. And consider it a bonus when there is a small break thur from time to time.

    And allowing God to work on my mouth and my attitude, and that is a very tall order!!
    Yeah, i fail at it all the time, and find myself banging my head against the wall again. (not literally)
    There are times when i really do want out, and run-a-way, but i have three little boys who adore there father, and a deep desire to honor God and my marriage.
    It's just not the cinderella vergin/ending.

    Beside that, i would only be taking on a larger set of problems if i did leave.
    "I will lift up my eyes,,,my help comes from the Lord.
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    You two are awsome to respond to me. I didn't expect it and I'm so happy that you did.

    I sincerely thank both of you for sharing your experiences with me and offering your support.

    I have felt so lost this week. Like I just wanted to go crawl under a rock.

    I told my husband that I didn't think I could live this way and he's trying to pay more attention to me.

    I thought marriage would be so much more different for me.

    Sue, if you wouldn't mind sharing , I would appreiciate your story. If you don't want too, I understand.

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    I am really considering divorce very strongly, or at least a trial separation.

    I know that God hates divorce, but I don't know if I can stay in a relationship where I don't feel love.

    At lease not that much love.

    I feel alone much of the time with him. He sleeps a lot because he feels sick.

    The only reason he needs me is to help him with household stuff.

    Am I wrong? Please tell me am I wrong? I need some advice.

  6. morningsonshine

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    I know your asking sue, so i hope
    you don't mind me butt-in in.

    I just wanted to suggest looking at this from
    the outside.
    No-one knows the whole situation, but you, and what you can or can't handle (live with)

    What if your best friend was in this situation, and came to you for advise. What would YOU, tell her?

    Also, you could make some pro and cons lists.
    Inventory your life,
    What do you have now, what do you want?
    What will leaving give you, what will have to give up? Security? how important is that to you?
    Can you make it on your own?
    Just be real honest about all this and look at your answers.

    And also pray about it, do you have the faith to trust God? Take some time alone to be with God.

    Sometimes in difficult situations, and if we lack suff. support, we may not have the faith we need. Now i'm not talking about believing in God here. God says we all have different measures of faith.
    And we can always pray for more.

    Try to take a look at the whole big picture. What ever you decide, to stay, or to go, it'll impact the rest of your life.
    And it's more up front to make this decision, before some third person enter the situation and you find yourself compromised.

    I hope i've helped some Kendra,
    God Bless

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    Thanks Misty. You're a wise person and thank you for your advice.

    I will give it careful consideration. You're a true friend.

    I will do exactly what you said. You're so wise. I couldn't see these myself because of pain.

    I had a long talk with my husband tonight. He was so distraught. He is feeling so ill and I told him how I was feeling.

    I kept apologizing to him because of hurting him. He said I didn't need to apologize.

    Yes, security is a big issue for me and it is important.

    If you were here I'd give you the biggest hug.

    Thanks and I'll let you know what happens. I'm not rushing to end this. This is a major decision in my life.

    Hugs and love.