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    I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you.

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    Hi Therese and Larkie,
    I was interested that you both mention bi-polar disorder either here or on another thread. My 14 yr old daughter suffers from bi-polar disorder (is this common amoung us or what??)and is only having minimal improvement with Depakote and Zoloft. I'm even wondering lately if the zoloft she started in Dec. has worsened her manic episodes and anxiety.
    Do you think the Neurontin type drugs help with bi-polar disorder symptoms?
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    Kathy all I can say is that for the bipolar Neurontin is the only drug that has helped me to control even a smidgin of my ups and downs. I am a rapid cycler and it is very difficult to medicate us usually. I do like it better than I did Lithium or Depakote. Neither did anything for me.

    I do not know if bipolar has anything to do with FMS. But I do know a couple of other people who also have bipolar and FMS.....who knows - I have not heard of any studies.....however I did read one which listed schizophrenia.

    Lisa H.