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    I started working again this year in September (part time) after not working for five years due to Chronic Fatigue/depression. Its been a struggle, although colleagues very nice. Trouble is, I have been physically unwell for about seven weeks now. Had two colds, a nasty sickness bug and now have what feels like the flu. Feeling bad about being off work again, but what can I do?

    Wondered if anyone had any suggestions how to get healthier? Can't bear the thought of getting yet another illness. I know I have been doing too much socially recently too and that hasnt helped much. Feeling drained and weak now. Having quiet christmas though which will help.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

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    As an RN I can tell you that the most important thing you can do is to take these steps to prevent you from catching viruses, etc in the first place.....

    1. NEVER touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your bare fingers. This is usually how the viruses get inside your body. You would be surprised how many times a day the average person puts their fingers up to their eyes to wipe or rub them, or they lick their fingers, etc.

    Anyone who does this is just asking for a virus. It takes some thought to remember not to do this, but I can tell you it works. I really never catch colds,etc.

    2.Obviously, some colds etc are spread through the air from coughing or keep your distance from anyone coughing or sneezing.

    3. Wash your hands often with soap and water. Make sure you wash right before you eat. Try not to touch virus ridden objects like doors, keyboards, menus, salt and pepper shakers, etc after you wash your hands. If you can't use soap and water, use those antibacterial we wipes. I carry them everywhere.

    4. When you return home from being out anywhere, wash your hands as soon as you get home.

    5. When you are out, try to use your sleeve or something to open doors so that you don't pick up germs from the thousands of other people who have touched the same door.

    6. Some grocery stores and dept stores have wet wipes to wipe the shopping cart handle, etc. Always use those.

    7. If you must touch your if you have contacts or have something in your eye....wash your hands well and then touch your eye WITHOUT touching any other objects such as the faucet or paper towel dispenser with your fingers.

    8. Once I did catch a cold when my young grandson accidently sneezed right into my soon as I felt that first little scratch in my throat I started using Zicam nasal gel swabs....and used them every 4 hours as directed. My cold never got worse...couldn't even tell I really had one. They really work well for my husband too. It is important to use them at the FIRST sign of a cold. After it progresses, it can't go back.

    9. It never hurts to take vitamins such as C and a multivitamin.

    If you start to think about all these things in your daily routine and put them into practice, you should significantly decrease your illnesses.

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    Vitamin C and Zinc are great for preventing and treating colds and flu. I recently spent several hours surrounded by 3 people who had colds and were coughing and sneezing. When I got home I immediately took Vitamin C and zinc and continued to do so for the next three days. I felt like my body was fighting something, but I never got sick.

    L-Arginine is another immune booster, but it can cause problems with the Herpes virus, so if you have any issues with that, you should avoid taking it. Supposedly echinaecia (sp?) is helpful, too, but the Vitamin C and Zinc are more proven. Also, things like garlic, oregano, and cayenne pepper are pretty strong germ fighters/anti-bacterials. Drinking lots of liquids is good, too...water, green tea, juice, and broth....and getting plenty of rest is extra important.
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    for the replies guys. I found an article on this site about tips to boost immune system which was also helpful.

    Echineacea doesnt seem to be that affective for me, as been taking it for at least a month and on third cold!

    Have had a cough for about six weeks now too. Pharmacist says I should get that checked out after the christmas break, which I will do. Just very run down apparently.

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    ...especially at work and at school. Kids are always sneezing around my kids. And my coworkers are always sneezing and coughing. I have a coworker, who sits in the cubicle right next to mine, and she faces me, who's probably allergic to our environment, who constantly sneezes. And coworkers will sit at my desk and cough from colds.

    How do you control that? Lately, I've been using an Olbas inhaler everytime a coworker sneezes or coughs next to me. I'll have to check out Zicam nasal gel swabs. But since I work in a public building, plus my coworkers always get something, I'd have to take them 3 times a day! :)
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    I eat garlic almost every day and I swear I have not had a cold for years!
    I use fresh ginger salads or any other meal.

    Also lots of spices so I think this is what has stopped me getting colds and flu because before I ate all these I used to get lots of colds.

    Just my little tip anyway lol


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