keep waking up at night

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    this is very frustrating. I can fall asleep ok, thanks to the meds, but most of the time I wake up at least 5-6 times a night. For some odd reason I think I need to get up and do something. Either pee, which doesn't always work, or I need to turn on the light, or read(can't even keep my eyes open). I really think I have a sleep disorder. My daughter, who has Crohns has been sleeping with me occasionally due to her emotionaal needs (extra mom time) and she says I do snore. I knew I did occasionally but it seems like I do it more than I thought.
    I don't know what to do.

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    Oh, I'd bet today's lunch money you have a sleep disorder, lol! (Although, I know it isn't really a laughing matter.) Most doctors, even the more stubburn ones, have come to realize and accept that we patients have sleep disorder as one of the main aspects of our illness.

    It can be alpha intrusion, no-rem sleep stage, sleep apnea (although common, not as automatic for us as alpha intrusion), or any combination of the three.

    You need to have a sleep study done. My insurance covered it 100% no questions asked. As soon as what was bothering me was identified, we adjusted my treating accordingly.

    This was last June .... Within a few weeks I was feeling better then I had in a long time. I credit the start of my remission trek with this. I was rx'ed lunesta 2mgs. For me it worked very well.

    Soon I requested a smaller dose, and currently I do not require sleep aids. My problem was different then yours in that not only could I not stay asleep, I could not get there in the first place.

    You can put "sleep study" in the above search and find all kinds of information on them. Also, look up the recent post about sleep disorders .. interview with a doctor. It lists other things that are poorly affected by bad sleep.

    What I found amazed me ... (Called myself knowing alot about sleep disorders, yeah, right, LOL) I knew about low growth hormone being a factor, but I did not know that our thyroid function takes it on the chin too. Explains alot ... In my case anyway.

    Good luck in fixing this .... RUN, don't walk, to the nearest sleep clinic. Make your doc refer you .... the sooner you address this mainstay of our illness the sooner you have a chance to feel that much better!

    Take care,

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    Raz .. you may have sleep apnea ? probably spelled that wrong .. but I think you know what i mean .. the snore is the main give away to that ..

    My husband had a sleep study done but it was not serious enough for the forced air machine .. but we have a friend who is on that and it makes a difference for him ..
    You are waking up most likely because of lack of oxygen ... do you think you can get your doctor to arrange for a sleep study ?

    I wake up all the time .. but it is a sleep problem .. trying to get new meds ..
    It makes you exhausted during day time hours .. and the worst of it is I can't drop off for a nap .. just doesn't work !
    Look into the sleep study ... it might be a huge help !
    Good Luck !
    Fudge : )
    PS ... hows the weather out there ? BBBRRRRRRR ! haha
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    I have recently sent a form in for a sleep study. I could of had it done privately, but they only check for the apnea, and I want to know about what level of sleep I am/or not accieving etc. So I have to wait 2-4 yrs! I am on 2 mg clonazapam at bedtime, so I can't take anything else. I used to be on zopiclone, but when they put me on the clonazapam it help my FM better in other ways. My hubby has sleep apnea, but doesn't use his c-pap machine, naughty boy! Daughter says I don't snore all the time. lol