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    Anyone who has sent in a story to her will have to keep watching.Because I'm sure that if she gets enough she will do something on the show for all of us.

  2. Mikie

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    On one of her shows on trying to get organized in the office, they showed the woman who receives all the letters and e-mails for suggestions for shows. She just dumps them all in a big cardboard box in the corner of her office and really doesn't do anything with them. She couldn't tell anyone what was in them or where to find anything. They all acted as though it's a big joke on the Oprah Show.

    I believe Oprah, like most people, has her own agenda and just isn't open to anything outside her thinking "box." She has done a tremendous amount of good in those areas of her interest, but I wouldn't hold my breath for a show on FMS. I hope I'm wrong on this. In any case, if she does do a show on FMS, I certainly hope it is fair and doesn't reflect her original idea that people have FMS because the have "Lost their spirit." After that, she completely pulled back after some backlash from FMS sufferers, or so we were told her by people who read the "spirit" business.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Bob,
    I watch Oprah almost every day and always pay attention to previews of the upcoming topics so if I can't watch it I will tape it. However, I feel we should be sending to both Oprah and Montel. I don't see his show that much but seems like he does more on diseases since he has MS himself. I remember a few years ago he was on some show, not sure if it was his own but was talking about how he built up his stretch with certain exercises that helped him go into remission. Does anyone know the status on his condition or heard if he for sure has it? He may be more open to doing a show for us or even being a guest on Oprah discussing it. I believe that Oprah would only do a show on FM/CFS if there was a big star that has it or something similar so I was thinking it would be great if she would have Montel on her show. Has anyone else emailed him or her with this idea?

    Thanks for all the reminders. Keep the faith...awareness is slow coming but it's getting there.

    Blessings to you all!