Keeping Christmas Always

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    Keeping Christmas Always

    Why can't it be "Christmas" everyday of the year?
    I'm not talking presents, now; just peace, good will, and cheer.
    Treat me just the way you'd like for me to treat you,
    Remembering Christ our Saviour in all that we say and do.

    The joyful spirit 'round me, now, I don't want to lose.
    The spirit responds to kindness and it's up to us to choose.

    We can be a beacon and a light unto the world
    If we will but remember to keep "Christmas" oft unfurled.
    Like a glorious banner in our homes and in our life,
    "Christmas" will eliminate all unnecessary strife.

    So, why can't it be "Christmas" everyday and all the year?
    Keeping "Christmas" always will wipe out all doubts and fear.
    If we'll just remember, now, what "Christmas" really is
    (Not just hustle, bustle, buy) not our great day, but HIS ...

    In our hearts and in our minds, each day of the year,
    Setting aside our differences, not giving cause for tears.
    Father, Mother, Daughter, Son, Husband, Wife, Sister, Brother;
    "Christmas" can be more than just one day if we have real love,
    one to another.

    "Peace on earth, good will to men", that's how it's got to be.
    Keeping "Christmas", always, must begin with you and me!

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