Keeping Germs At Bay

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  1. Mikie

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    No doubt about it, washing our hands often is the best barrier against getting sick with infectiouis agents. Of course, we may get something directly from being sneezed on or from other contact, but most of our infections come from touching surfaces which have been touched by people who are infected. We then touch something going into our mouths or we rub our eyes.

    Docs say that using plenty of soap and rubbing ones hands over all surfaces for a full two minutes are the best ways to ensure we have killed off pathogens when we wash our hands. They say that the rubbing action is most important.

    If a cloth hand towel is used by more than one person and they do not do a good job of washing their hands, as is usually the case with children, the towels themselves can become breeding grounds for germs. Most of us have replaced dishcloths and dishtowels with paper towels in our kitchens because tests have shown how germ ridden cloth towels can be.

    The problem is that most of the time, we are washing our hands in the bathroom, sharing the handtowel with family. If I had kids, I would install some kind of paper towel dispenser and encourage the family to use it. Many upscale bed and bath shops now have printed paper handtowels and matching trays for guest bathrooms. I have bought ceramic Martha Stewart trays at K-Mart for my little towels. Here's the good part. I buy the large dinner napkins made by Vanity Fair (K-Mart often has these on sale cheap). I fold them in half and pile them in the trays. They are embossed with sea shells and look every bit as nice as the colored ones full of dyes. Each time, you get a clean towel which dries without coming apart. Again, if I had kids who used a lot of these, I would install a paper towel dispenser in the bathroom.

    Finally, I carry a zip-lock baggie with some of those moist towelettes for dining out. I thoroughly wipe my hands after handling the menus and salt 'n pepper shakers on the table.

    As I mentioned before here, when I eat in a fast-food restaurant, I never get my meals on the trays. I always get them "to go" even if I eat there. The trays are shoved in and out of the filthy garbage can slots and are often just wiped off with a rag. Then, the paper is put on the tray and stacked up with one on top of the other. This allows the filthy tray bottoms to touch the paper linings. The food is often touching the paper on the trays. Always let the person at fast food places hand you the ketchup packets as I've seen them pick them up off the floor and put them in the bag on top of people's fries. I also never let anything which goes in my mouth touch the table. They wipe the tables with filthy rags which they also use to wipe off the seats.

    Someone posted on the CCF about how filthy those ball pits are where children play. All kinds of things, including feces, has been found in them.

    No, I'm not obsessive/compulsive about germs. I know that we will be in contact with them one way or another, but I try to limit my exposure to other people's colds, viruses, and bacteria.

    Love, Mikie
  2. Shirl

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    I thought I was the only 'nut' that took all those precautions. Now I don't feel so bad or compulsive.

    I carry tons of those antibacterial wipes in the foil packets. Never leave home without them. I always wipe my hands after using a menu. They have more germs on them then the table.

    I also use them in public bathrooms instead of the dispensers.

    I open and close doors in them with my 'elbow' :) not my hands.

    Never sit on the toilets, just stand over them (men have it made with this one).

    Never eat fast food, but will pass this along to my husband. That was disgusting about those trays, catup,etc. Never gave it a thought.

    Did you hear on the news this week about the Policeman who got a hamburger, opened it to see if he had lettuces and tomatoes, and saw something 'slippery' on it? had it checked at the lab, yea you guess it. It was saliva. They went back and arrested the person who waited on them for 'whatever' they call that!

    I didn't eat fast food before, I won't even think about eating it now.

    I will get the Vanity Fair large napkins for the bathroom, never though of that one. What a great idea. Saves washing too.

    I do use cloth dishtowels in the kitchen, always white terry cloth, but I keep water in one of the sinks with bleach in it at all times, and just drop them in there after using them. Then they go in the machine.

    But the paper towels for that too sounds good. I have paper towels in the kitchen, but never thought of using them for everything. Usually just wipe my hands with them.

    I am fanatic with washing my hands. Everything I do, I always wash my hands afterwards. Probably from having animals all the time.

    This one is a little off subject, but have you all seen these little dispensers for Baby Wipes that keep the wipes 'warm'??? Wow, what a great idea. I now have 'warm' wipes by the toilet (they 'pop up' too)! It cost $6.00 and it worth its weight in gold to me.

    Some great tips Mike, thank you................

    Shalom, Shirl

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  3. Mikie

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    I use those wipes in the bathroom and didn't know about the warming gizmo. What a great idea. Most wipes have aloe vera in them or other sals which aren't good for those on the Guai, but as you know, I can tolerate a few sals. Wet wipes are so good for personal cleanliness. The Lever 2000 wipes don't have sals in them, but I only use them for my hands as I'm not sure they are made for more private, tender areas.

    Thanks again for the info. I do the same things in the public bathrooms. BTW, it is a very good idea to put a lot of toilet paper in the toilet before peeing as the splash can get you. Public toilets are rife with trichomonis vaginalus (sp?) which causes a horrible sexually transmitted disease. If you get this, both you and your partner must take Flagyl to clear it up.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Shirl

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    The little dispensers are in the 'Baby Department' in Wal-Mart's (I seldom go there but when I do I always find some goodies), not where the wipes and diapers are sold in the drugstore dept..

    I use the 'Huggies' Original. I figured if they are safe for the babys bottom, face etc. It won't hurt me, but I don't know about if they had sal's in them.

    Thanks for the toilet paper thing, I do try not to 'splash' as I read about what you just said about that disease.

    What you said scared the hell out of me. I only use the public bathrooms in dire emergencies now.

    After reading what you wrote, I will probably have Richard 'stop on the side of the road, and go behind a tree':), take my chances with the 'wild animals' instead of the humans.

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. 2girls

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    Wash all fruit/vegetables before eating. Make sure your chicken & pork are cooked thoroughly and finally it is a good idea to change your cat's litter box wearing a mask. Oh and don't forget to wash your hands after handling all this!

    I am currently being treated for a parasitic infection which my doc thinks was probably from an imported fruit or veggie. So, heed the warnings. Better safe than sorry.

    Good advice Mikie & Shirl

  6. Mikie

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    Great suggestion. If you spray your veggies and fruit with hydrogen peroxide, then spray with vinegar, and finally, rinse them with water, it will kill off germs without leaving a soapy taste. This is great for berries or grapes. I actually use soap on most of my veggies and fruit and completely rinse it off.

    If anyone has an ozinator, it can also be used to clean veggies and fruit by inserting it into water containing the veggies or fruit and turning it on to ozinate the water.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I also spray raw meat with peroxide, chicken too. I can't eat pork unless its prayed with peroxide, I let it sit and foam, then I rinse it off. I do this till it stops foaming.

    It does not alter the taste, in fact it seems to cook better and taste better too.

    I also use latex gloves when handling any kind of raw meat, chicken, seafood, etc.

    I have glass cutting boards too, they do not hold bacteria like wood does.

    After that Asian spider bits I had, I simply do not buy fruit/veggies/ or plants that are not from this country.

    I try to buy local, then branch out from there. But do not buy any fruits/veggies that are not grown in the USA anymore. If its not marked, I don't need it.

    Shalom, Shirl

  8. lucky

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    I thought I was the crazy one, but honestly you are so right that one cannot be too careful at keeping germs away.
    When I was in the hospital yesterday for my x-ray, you should have seen the soap bottles standing around because of the scare of SARS.
    We are surrounded by germs, but if we can help to keep them away just a little, we will benefit.
    Take care, Lucky
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    You bring up an interesting point. Experts have been warning us that we are going overboard with all our antibacterial products. They fear if we continue, it will cause super germs to mutate to survive in the new antibacterial environment. Germs are everywhere and children form immunity to many things through exposure. The problem is that there are so many drug-resistant and mutated pathogens out there that it's scary.

    I believe that all the pollution in our environment is causing our immune systems to malfunction and allowing epidemics of viruses like SARS to spread too easily. SARS is believed to be a mutated virus. With our compromised immune systems, I do think it's wise for us to try to avoid as many of these things as possible.

    For years, it has been assumed that viruses make us sick and then we recover. Herpes-family viruses were believed to go latent in the body and only cause slight problems if reactivated. We now know that viruses can go stealth and cause us to become very, very sick. The same is true with bacteria.

    Viruses are extremely creative and adaptive and are amazing at survival techniques. They are by far smarter than bacteria. In either case, though, when a pathogen goes stealth in our bodies, it will manipulate its environs; i.e., our bodies, for its optimum survival. I believe that even the rate of replication is timed to ensure that we stay alive to ensure the future of the pathogen itself. If a pathogen were to replicate too rapidly, it could kill us, so it times its replication so that it thrives while keeping us alive in order to provide a breeding ground for itself.

    Viruses can infect bacteria and I believe when that happens, it produces a bacteria which is very virulent. The mycoplasmas which were developed for germ warfare have viral characteristics. They were manipulated to make them more virulent and more difficult to get rid of. These mycoplasmas do not occur in nature in this form.

    Love, Mikie