Keeping muscles warm eases pain

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  1. teranan

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    I recently read this in a magazine at local barber. Someone replying back to previous article on arthritic pain. This person said they had mild osteo arthritis and FM. Said that keeping muscles warm goes a long way in easing pain. They used plastic warm wraps at night. Also used Yoga and was doing pretty well. Leads me to something I recently tried that worked for chest muscles. I recently had some days without good sleep. It brought on major flair in pain. My upper body,mainly chest,back,shoulders were one big knot. Chest hurt muscles were tight and hard to breathe. I was starting to get a chest cold. I used old standby V__Ks vapo rub. The warmth thru the night eased all the tightnes and relaxed me to be able to sleep. After 3 days my chest is much better. It is actually for muscle pain,not just when you have a cold. For those with Knotted chest pain from FM try this it works. Old remedies still work. Want to thank Mike,and others about the salt water solution for sinus. Have'nt had any sinus headaches-- works . Terry
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    It really seems to ease my muscle pains and cramps.

    If I go out it's in an electric wheelchair. Because I'm not physically moving the cold can really have a bad effect. I ensure that I keep any cold winds off my legs and arms by using windproof fabrics, or wear an extra layer.

    I find the trunk of my body's much less intolerant of the cold and chilling winds. Feels very often that I need just extra leg and arm clothing, with one less layer on the trunk of my body.

    I am heat intolerant so tend to go for localised heat relief. Warm, not hot, sunshine is wonderful.


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    Yes, indeed, heat does make the muscles feel better for me too. Don't know what I would do without the heating pad.

    I also use flexreil creme on the achy parts, helps alot.

  4. Shirl

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    You are so right with the heat. I use a 'wireless mattress heating pad', if necessary in the summer I will turn down the a/c so that the house is cool but my body is warm. It almost eliminates the morning stiffness and pain.

    I always have two or three heating pads too, I have a heating/vibrator pad that attaches to the back of my computer chair that stops the tightening of the back muscles while I sit here.

    For that chest wall,rib pain, I use a rub sinilar to Vicks, its called 'Banalg' its actually stronger than Vicks salve. Then I will use the heating pad on low across my chest.

    For neck pain, here is a wonderful idea. Take raw rice and put it in a mans size tube sock about three quarters full, tie the end, or use a heavy rubber band to close it.

    You can heat it in the microwave, no wires! Just lay it across your neck or wherever you have pain and its just wonderful.

    You can also keep the rice socks in the freezer if you prefer cold. They don't get soggy or wet like the ice packs do.

    I always keep at least six of them made, two in the freezer and four out for the microwave.

    They also work great for a 'neckroll' to sleep with.

    You can put one in the microwave in the morning when you brew your coffee, it will be ready when your coffee is finished!

    This works for arthritis or Fibro pain.............

    If you use the heat/cold alternating, the Rice Socks are perfect, you can go from hot to cold without any trouble.

    Shalom, Shirl

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  5. tansy

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    Thanks for the advice on raw rice in a sock for neck pain. Quick and easy too.

    Brilliant. Will be giving that a try.


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  6. Shirl

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    All microwaves are different. I keep it in about 2 minutes, you can try different times and see what works for your microwave. Just be sure its not too hot for you.

    This is not my personal idea, we had a moderator here awhile back that first brought the Rice Socks idea to us.
    I will forever be grateful to her for it.

    I sure hope it helps you. My neck pain is nowhere near what you must be experiencing, but even mine can be miserable!

    Shalom, Shirl

  7. Cara-Sue

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    i keep my electric blanket on my couch,so if i ever feel sore or chilled or damp,i lie down in the far it has worked great.
    i really like that idea about using rice in the sock,i told my husband about it so next time i have my bad neck pains i will use it for sure.
    great tips on this site..thats for sure!
  8. teranan

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    I'll be sure to try the rice in sock Shirl. Its nice to be able to do some direct things to help.Its gets to you with all the pain pills pills pills, but the heating pad,rice in a sock, and Vicks. We know it will give us immediate releif.