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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1maqt, Apr 5, 2003.

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    For anyone who knows and is following, I am still doing great since new meds almost three months! Was down in bed most of the time, and have been functioning well. My down time was with a viral for five days. Recovered, which usuallly takes for weeks!!

    I still have the pain (FMS/Lupus) but am able to work through it most of the time. Such a change from being in bed for the most part of three yrs.

    This site has been such a blessing for all the info, the library, and the caring friends...

  2. LisaMay

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    I'm so happy for you! I've not kept up with you, but it certainly is nice to hear that things are looking up for you.

    Keep up the good work! Lisa
  3. klh4

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    Hi 1magt:

    I;m new and would like to know what treatment works for you. I have had CFS/FS for 5 years and have not found anything that helps.

    Thanks, Love Health and Peace,

  4. Mikie

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    I think it might be helpful for you to reiterate your new treatment for our members. Glad you are doing so well.

    Love, Mikie
  5. layinglow

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    I am so happy that your new treatment has been helping!
    Wow, I can see the joy in your post!
    Here's to many more days of feeling so much better! So Glad that you have gotten some pain relief--I know the difference that makes, too.
    Keep us updated!
  6. KathiM

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    Am just curious on what is working so good for you.....

    I am a FM/and PoSSIBLE lupus also....
    dr just started me on prednisone and Plaquenil about 4 weeks ago and I too have noticed a major difference.
    Just wish I could slepe tho..... I was just diagnosed after 2 sleep studys w/severe apnea.

    will look to hear from you.

    my email is

    P.S... my mom lived in Lena she died 5 years ago.... I still have some of her older lady friend swho live there.

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    1maqt..........I also have fibromyalgia/lupus and i'm miserable. Could you let us know what your treatment consists of.....I'm game to try about anything.........thanks........KADEE
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    BUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1maqt, so very thrilled that you have found something to give you some peace and relief from some of your pain. This is grrrrreat!! Hope and will pray that you will continue to get even better as time goes on! So good to hear some good news on FM. Your Fibro Friend, Dollsngenes1
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    Hi, We all wanna know, what is working for you?

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    please tell!!!
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    If this is wrong I hope she will come along and correct me: Cipro 500mgs. 2x a day for 2 weeks then 500 mgs everday for 30days.
    Then she stops Cipro and takes Doxycycline 100 mgs 2x a day for 30 days.
    Then takes 1 week off and starts over again.
    Neurotin 600mgs PM
    Ambien PM