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    Update 02/07/08

    I went to Centerstone for my scheduled monthly therapist visit and to also see the doctor to review how things were going. I was ready to bite butts and chew a few people out………YUP, I was that mad.

    The first thing I did was ask them, what my diagnose was. They both (therapist & Dr) said it was Major Depression w/anxiety episodes.

    They ask why and I then showed them the decision letter, and get this, there is nothing in there documentation from day one at all that states the following (which is detailed in decision letter)

    1. I moved to TN so I could get better assistance! Wrong I came down here to help twin sister cope with dying hubby, and when I called to have hubby (who had to work) to come get me, he told me to keep my fat butt (not word he used) in TN.
    2. I went to Centerstone, only to get psych evaluation because lawyer to me to do so. WRONG; I went there because my depression was out of control as my stress level was off the rector scale. The SSA asked for a psych eval. DUH judge must not have been able to read that part of the file.
    3. The SSDI letter said they were treating me for marital and family problems….They were treating me for Major depression w anxiety episodes, I was going to group therapy for abused woman. DUH HUM…3rd mistake by dumb judge and review board.

    Nothing that was stated in that letter was ever documented by Centerstone. In fact they had me listed at category one, with the words, she is unable to obtain or maintain a job due to her emotional status and depression and this cannot work. YUP it’s in their file.

    So I called my attorney. He said to call him back tomorrow with the information as he was preparing for a hearing today. If that phrase is indeed in there we have a loophole, and will talk about what we can do tomorrow. I told him I also wrote my congressman, he was iffy about that, but I know from a family occurrence in Illinois that helps and the congressman (both R&D) in Illinois helped my mentally challenge brother to get SSI.

    Keep me in your prayers and I feel like I am about to come unglued and no one will be able to put the pieces back together.

    3pm 2/8/08

    I just spoke with my lawyer about thirty minutes ago, updating him about what I discovered at Centerstone, a couple of days ago. It's where I go for treatment and therapy for my depression w/ anxiety episodes. He was pleased to hear they had read the decision letter and found no proof in their documentation that stated what they judge said.

    The lawyer is getting a copy of all my files faxed to his office so we can review then in about 10 days. He said since they are very helpful in helping me get what I deserve, it is possible that they might even write a very detailed letter that he can send to the review board that will overturn my decision.

    He's a great lawyer, as I seen him help hubby get both 100% VA disability as well as SSDI. He said "we aren't quitting until we have exhausted every avenue.

    Huggies Deana!