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    i have received my kefir, through the mail couple days ago, today i have to go get my raw milk from a secret location this evening, i have the instruction with the kefir, but it seem complicated. will the person on here that bought her kefir from marilyn jarzembski, and is making her kefir, help me make my kefir, i have my jars, and strainer, all i need is a little guildance in getting started.

    please, go slow with me, im a slow learner, but once i get the hang of what im doing, i will be able to do it on my own, i just need a beginners help. thanks
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    and theres nothing to it. i dont use raw milk just plain old whole organic milk from the grocery store.
    if i could find the raw i'd use that tho.
    when i first got my Grains in the mail, it took about a week or two for them to wake up & start doing good, but it's easy

    i got 4T of grains in the mail, put them in a mason jar (Pint) and let my milk sit a bit before i poured it over the grains. i filled the jar up half way & put the lid on real loose.

    every now and then i'd shake the jar gently & waited 24 hours.
    like i said it took a good week before i got some good kefir started, you might have to waste a little milk before they start growing.

    after 24 hours check it, it should be kinda thick when you strain the grains,then you just put the grains back in another clean jar,& if your grains are growing, just add a little more milk till you get the kefir like you want it.

    eventually you will have to get a larger jar or take out some grains & freeze them or give them away to someone.

    i started with 4T now i've got grains out the wazoo!! it's been 3 or 4 months now.

    i'm not real good at descriptions( Brain fog) but hope this helps you,
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    what came to me in the mail is something that look like white stuff, i keep it laying around, in my house and it have an order that i dont like, i put it in the jar with 2 cups of the raw milk, shock it up, and left it on the counter slighty loose. from there, im lose with what next to do.

    since i have candida.....i believe, i wanted raw milk, i found a business on the internet, that frequent my city, the farmers bring the product to different location at different days, and you get your email where to go get your stuff, you have to be a member, 50 dollars a year, but she give it to me for a dollar a year, i told her i dont have 50 dollars for this stuff, how neat is that.
    you can buy just about anything that is not process, they are having turkey to buy this week i dont want any turkey, they also have chesse, eggs, bread, you name it, they have it, but you have to log in and place orders,that you want, as a member only.

    then bring a blank check and they will tell you to fill it in to the farmer, my milk came to $7.56 cent for a gallon of raw milk.

    i believe they have the kefir too. ill buy it that way the next round.
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    you have to strain the milk & put in fresh every day, thats why if your the only one drinkin it, you might want to use less grains, or you will have a lot of kefir sitting in the fridge, and have to use a lot of milk.

    oh and if anyone wants some grains on here just let me know,i have a lot at the moment.

    thats cool you can find raw milk, and they come locally to you. im in a rural area so im sure theres somebody around here, i just dont have the energy to find them
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    Hi Street - I use store bought milk and it works fine. Don't forget that the kefir grains are eating up the lactose in the milk so you don't need to worry about any sugar from the milk aggravating your candida. Also, there are two types of yeast in kefir and they will help keep the candida at acceptable levels. The difference between yogurt and kefir is that with yogurt the bacteria will not colonize in your colon, whereas the bacteria that is found in kefir will eventually colonize in the colon.

    I use about three tablespoons of grains to two cups of milk and I get a really nice thick kefir. I find that when I use too little milk the kefir tends to be yeasty smelling, quite sour tasting, and isn't very thick. Once your grains start growing you can either make larger quantities of kefir, give grains away, or eat some of the grains. If you make extra kefir you can make kefir cheeses (cream or soft).

    An Australian gentleman by the name of Dom has a really good website and you can learn everything there is to know about kefir.

    Hope that helps you :)