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    Here's an article about the pianist Keith Jarrett from The New York Times. I guess it's nice that it states that he has/had the illness (and implies that it _is_ an illness), but it bothers me that a) they use no capital letters in the term (i.e. chronic fatigue syndrome rather than Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and b) they suggest he has recovered from it (when literature seems to suggest that people don't really "recover" from this, just get better enough to lead a normal life if they're careful).

    A PR effort seems to be in order. I wish we could find an agency to take it on, just as a starting point.
  2. kholmes

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    I agree; those little journalistic slights are a bit sloppy for the NEW YORK TIMES. I doubt the journalist knew anything about the illness.

    Wasn't it the TIMES that ran Laura Hillenbrand's superb essay on her experience with CFS?

    Maybe it's time for a letter to the editor, re-educating them?

    I'm glad to hear Keith Jarett is performing again. For ten years, evidently, he barely touched his piano.

    I found his album he recorded while he was improving, THE MELODY AT NIGHT, WITH YOU, on Napster, where I can listen to it for free (and legally). His playing is soothing and beautiful, though a bit melancholy.

    One song on the album is called "I Got it Bad, and That Ain't Good," which I thought was appropriate for CFIDS!

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  3. sascha

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    and read that when he could finally start playing piano a bit, he just composed for his left hand for a while. i think i am remembering this correctly. Sascha

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