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    Hi Everyone--Not sure if you saw this article concerning jazz musician, Keith Jarrett. I still have not learned what Mr. Jarrett has done to regain his health. He obviously has a good deal of energy now, though. During his "ill time", I've heard him describe on an NPR interview, that he was almost completely bedbound. Does anyone know more about this? Here's an excerpt:

    "In the days prior to Jarrett's contracting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome—a condition that would completely silence him in the late '90s for three years, returning only gradually to live performance over the past decade—seeing Jarrett was almost as arresting as hearing him. His loud vocalizations—grunts, whoops and hollers, and falsetto articulation of the lines he's playing—have become the stuff of controversy, but what's clear from watching him here is that it was and is a way to channel what he hears to what he plays, making a strong case for improvisation being an in-the-moment kind of composition.

    The link between spontaneous subconscious and more overt awareness can be seen as Jarrett both conceives and executes lengthy, sometimes serpentine melodic lines on the fly. It's also clear from the sheer physicality of the way he plays, that his immersion in the music is complete. It's rare to see a jazz pianist play while standing up, gyrating to the music and responding to his trio in visceral fashion, but for Jarrett, it's part of responding to the needs of the moment."


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    I am a jazz musician/fan, and since getting chronic fatigue have been interested in finding out exactly how Keith Jarrett beat it. I was a fan of his music before becomming sick, but didn't realize that he had cfs until after I came down with it.
    Could you let me know where you saw that article?
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    It was from reading about Keith Jarrett's illness that I first thought I might have ME/CFS.

    I've heard him perform live since his partial recovery. Terrific musician!

    There's some articles available here in the PH library if you do a Jarrett search.

    Best wishes,
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    I've wondered also what led to Keith Jarrett's recovery. He was very ill.

    I recently read that John Lurie, a sort-of well known musician, the leader of a band called The Lounge Lizards--he also has some type of debilitating CFS type illness. I read an interview with him, he seems to think it's a Lyme thing. But in the article, he also mentioned that 8 doctors tell him one thing, and another 10 have said something else. Many of the mis-diagnoses are things many of us have heard. (he also acted in a number of movies, Jim Jarmusch films, and was in The Last Temptation of Christ, and he scored movies as well).

    He stopped playing and acting, eventually started painting. I think he's feeling somewhat better, but from what I understand, he was in very bad shape for a while. His frustration and anger in the interviews--could have come from my own mouth

    Another person stricken with Lyme--or some CFS thing (I don't want this to start a Lyme controversy)--is Daryl Hall from Hall and Oates. He's become an advocate for Lyme information. He tells similar stories--the utter confusion when so many doctors tell you different things. And...I've had some horrible doctors, but also some good ones myself--and it's very difficult to 'decide' which one is 'right'.
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    I read several years ago that Cher has CFS. I think it was in the late 90's when she had her last big tour. She cancelled the last part of it due to CFS.
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    I found the article at the following link:

  7. simonedb

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    a perfect band they were

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