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    Hi Keke466,
    I have had hypothyroidism since my early 30's. I am now 45. The "range" that is published as normal is only a guideline. There are good and bad things about this range. The good thing is knowing generally that your TSH falls between normal ranges. The bad thing is what is normal for someone else may not be normal for YOU. I had for years been on the same dosage of synthroid because that kept me in the "normal" range, usually anywhere between 2.8 and 3.4. The problem with it is that was not normal for me. The older I got the harder it was for me to function on the low dosage of synthroid I was taking (.025mcg). I eventually read a book by Mary Shomon about hypothyroidism, and it literally opened my eyes about my condition. I found an endocrinologist, someone who specialized in thyroid disorders, and had all of the blood tests taken, T3, T4, reverse T3, etc, and when he looked at them he suggested a change in medication because he could see I couldn't function where I was at. Having this change in my medication has literally changed my life. My TSH is now down around 1.5, and I finally feel like I can function somewhat normally again. You owe it to yourself to find her book and read it. You also owe it to yourself to question whether your thyroid range is what works for you. If you don't feel it does, by all means go to your doctor and ask him or her to work with you. Perhaps start you out on a very low dosage and see what that does for you. If they won't, you always have the option to find another doctor who will. I started down this road mostly because I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 5 years ago, and was stunned to find out that there are many shared syptoms between hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia. Also go to the internet and do a search on Mary Shomon. She has a website that has a great deal of useful information, including a good thyroid doctor listing for many states. Most of all good luck with this. I discovered through this process that I am my own best advocate and it is in my own best interest to try to know as much as I can about my conditions because ultimately no one can tell me what is normal for my own body. I am the only one who can do that, and getting your doctor to listen to you and what is right for you can sometimes be a battle. Good Luck!!

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