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    Looking for Kellyann? Haven't seen a post from you. How are you doing? Let me know...thinking about you.

    love Mindy
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    I did go to the neurologist. And boy what a moron he was! I have little faith in dr's any more.He said if I felt the head aches were lyme related I would need to go else where as he couldn't help. And that I would need to go to a doctor on my insurance, that is a real hoot. There is no such thing as lyme doctors on Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. I tried to tell him the only help I had recieved was from the FFC dr that I pay out of pocket. Finally I got him to order a MRI and to boost up my Topamax medication. He said the MRI would not show swelling like for meningitis,but would show tumors or whatever. I hate going to dr's. He acted like he was in such a damn hurry. Kept asking stupid questions, like which dr prescribed my medications. Who cares? Just address the head aches please!

    I called the FFC to get a refill on my pain meds on Tuesday. Now is is Friday, haven't seen the DHL delivery van. I hope I won't have to go all weekend with out meds.

    How are you Mindy? Any pain? How is the antibiotics making you feel? You are in my prayers daily!
    Take care!
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    So sorry to hear about your Dr. appointment. It is so frustrating.. I really can't believe some of these doctors and they way they treat patients. When do you have your test done? Did you get your pain meds yet?

    I am doing ok, thanks for the prayers....I pray for you also. The eye twitching has finally stopped, three weeks later.It was driving me crazy. I am actually feeling pretty good, the mental confusion has cleared and the pain is better. I know it probably won't last but.....I am trying to do one day at a time. I see my LLMD on Wednesday.

    Keep in touch. Ill be thinking about you and pray that you will be feeing better soon.

    Your friend Mindy
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    My pain med. prescriptions did finally show up saturaday afternoon, thankfully. I go for the MRI on Aug.9th. I still have headaches. I stopped taking about everything for about a week to give myself a break. Then Started back last night on the mepron. Took my azithromyicin today. So today I am running a high fever, feel real bad and my lymph node in my neck is so sore. I hope my lymph nodes in my arm pitts don't swell up so bad again. I swear last time the right side swelled to the size of a peach. It was so horrible, I swear. I can't handle it if my lymph nodes in my neck swell like that.It feels swollen a little in my neck about like a pea. Not too bad yet, but is painful. I am taking the famvir again too, because as soon as I stopped my face broke out, I have a huge cold sore on my face. I just thought I needed a break, I'll not stop the famvir again. My face had cleared up. I guess my body is just too full of viruses. Alway something.

    I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Keep in touch too!