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    my friend...where are you and how are you doing?

    I am ok. Had it all out with my hubby and things seem to be better. We actually went to a hear a speaker about Lyme disese yesterday and he was pretty amazed, because all the stories and descriptions...were me!!!!! And he recognized that! A major breakthrough I think.

    Hope you are doing ok.....keep in touch.

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    Hi Girlfriend!
    HaHa! I am so glad to hear your husband is coming around! That is such good news! So now he knows that it isn't something make believe, that it is a true sickness. Great!

    I still feel about the same....pure crapola. My doctor's nurse called me yesterday, said my liver function test was way high so I was to stop taking the diflucan I had been prescribed. So now I am not taking anything except for my hormone pills and pain killers.They did some kind of imune system test, said I tested real low. She wouldn't go into detail about it. She said they just use it for a reference. It makes no sense to me. I feel a heck of a lot worse than I did a year ago before a started going to the FFC, but I really don't know where else to go. My headaches are STILL killing me everyday. I am finally getting back in to see the result of my MRI on Thursday of this week. I hope it shows something. Anything, to explain the pain. I know tha sounds crazy, but you know what I mean!

    Well, I hope you are feeling okay, you didn't say!
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    Glad to hear from you. Sorry you are not feeling well. I know how hard those headaches are to handle. I went through about one year with them and not much helped.

    I am doing OK. I am on my full Lyme therapy according to my LLMD. I still have bouts with the burning pain, but not as bad as it was or more like not constant like it was.
    My only complaint is the arthritis pain in my hands. I hope that that goes away. Today actually has been a good day, which you know don't come very often.

    Have you read the "healing Lyme" book? My hubby actually (unbelievable I know!!) bought it for me. I started it the other day. It's kind of technical, but pretty interesting. I don't think I would mix his recommended herbs with the abx, though some people do. But I might look in to it if I can't take the abx anymore, or afterward. Some days I just feel like I will be sick forever. Do you feel like that? I mean what if I don't get better? Will I be on abx forever? I am just so frightened of that.

    Are you taking any abx? Maybe the FFC is not helping you,if you say you are sicker. Is there a LLMD near you that you can see? Or maybe a regular Doctor that might treat you? Really none of my business I know, but I want you to get well, one of us has to....right?

    Boy, sorry this is so long. I got carried away. Take care! Thanks for all your support and kindness.

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    I went to the neurologist. He said my MRI looked fine. but he did up my topamax prescription, which has helped my headaches some.

    Yes, I do feel like I will alway be sick. My FFC docoor said the Lyme will always be in my body, that I will have to find ways to manage it. I don't think the FFC has done me any good so far. If anything they have made me much worse. I think they have nearly put me into liver failure. I am now not taking anything except for pain meds and hormones because my liver test was so high. There really isn't another docotor who treats lyme anywhere near me. So I will stick with the FFC for awhile longer, but I will not take the antivirals, I want the antibiotics for the lyme!
    Shoot, I had to buy myself a wheelchair just to get around the fleamarkets on the weekends. That really bites! But it is better than not being able to go at all I guess. It won't be long that I'll be in that chair for the majority of the time if something doesn't change for the better soon. My husband found a little mobility scooter at a yard sale. It is so cute. A three wheeler, haha! It just needs a little TLC. I think it goes 5 mph!

    Keep in touch my friend! I think of you often!