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    HOW do you give them to yourself,my doctor makes me get them in the butt so my husband has to give to me. Where do you inject yourself, I think they hurt bad and they are so expensive,I hope they help me for I am in severe pain. I am getting ichy from them I hope I amnot getting a reation that would be a great waste of money.
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    I give them to myself up high in my thigh as near to my rear as I can. The shots do hurt. I am in severe pain also. I have been for about 3 years now. I am in constant pain. I was getting kinda itchy, so I took a hot bath, and rubbed down with a real thick lotion called "mango butter." I feel better. It may just take some getting used to. It is a lot of penicillin. The shots are very expensive. Mine costs $652.00 per month. That is for 2 shot per week. How much were yours?
    I hope they work out for us both!
    take care!
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