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    Hi Yes the shots hurt real bad,for days glad it is only twice
    a week too.

    They are very expensive. we payed 350 for them,we have a discount card.You can get it on the internet ,look up perserpion discout cards

    I hope they work too because they hurt,and cost a lot.I have
    severe pain and hoping this will help me.

    The next day I feel all achy like I have the flu.and real tired.

    Ihope we have succces on them and it does not take to long who can afford that kind of money anyway,

    But I quess we have no choice,I was suppose to do iv threapy

    but it is realexpensive.I do not know how people afford but a lot of them get it,I wish I could afford them but the
    bicllin shots are suppose to be as good.

    Good luck with your treatment keep me posted,and I will keep you posted.

    hugs kathy
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    I pay almost twice that for mine. I can't tell if I hurt any worse or not. I do feel a lot more tired. I hope they work too, I've been sick for way too long as it is. And the headaches are driving me insane.

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